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Champs & Pics for your viewing!


Congrats Men's & Women's Volleyball Champs!


Men's A Champs-First Flo House Women's Champs-StarBlocks Men's B Champs-Bill Cosby


Congrats Co-Rec B-Ball Champs & Refs!

Co-Rec Champs--Phi Slamma Jamma Refs--Jordan Hooten & Waynne Warren


Flag Football Champs

Women's Champs--TTT

CR  Champs-- Superman Dat Throw

NCAA Champs--HCAD 2001

NFL Champs--Phi Sig A

Women's Champ Refs:
Waynne Warren (Back Judge), Peter Senior (Crew Chief), & William Hix (Down Box). Not Shown: Jordan Hooten (Line Judge)


CR Champ Refs:
Davis Bass (Line Judge), William Hix (Back Judge), Riley Walker (Down Box), Peter Senior (Crew Chief)

NCAA Champ Refs:
Robert Parker (Back Judge), Peter Senior (Down Box), Waynne Warren (Line Judge), Ali Marzella (Crew Chief)

NFL Champ Refs:
Jordan Hooten (Crew Chief), Peter Senior (Line Judge), Garrett Van Dyke (Down Box), Robert Parker (Back Judge)

Here are your Flag Football Champs & Refs!! Congrats guys and gals!

Here are your Top 5's!

Touchdowns (Rec) Touchdowns (Thrown) Interceptions
Patrick Halinski--Lions (11) Jonathan Alden--Chubies (11) Craig Cacheris--Superman Dat Throw (8)
Craig Cacheris--Superman Dat Throw (9) John Atchley--Lions (10) Todd Wildman--Superman Dat Throw (7)
Sam Pechin--Chubies (7) Colby Bishop--Bill Cosby (6) Eric Friedrich--Chubies (5)
Chris Coleman--Nighthawks (6) Chris Coleman--Nighthawks (6) Julian Roa--DIENasty (4)
Lara Kilgore--Superman Dat Throw (6) Ali Marzella--Flagtastic Ballas (5) John Atchlety--Lions (4)

Indoor Soccer Champs
Women's Champ--Victorious Secret NCAA Champ--Bill Cosby FIFA Champ--Rovers

Here are your Indoor Soccer Champs!! Congrats guys and gals!

Here are your Top 5 Scorers!

Noe Cassanova--Rovers (9) Colby Bishop--Bill Cosby (12) Alejandra Largacha--Victorious Secret (3)
Patrick Floek--Rovers (8) Samir Iskenderof--Bill Cosby (9) Paula Vasichko--Victorious Secret (3)
Brandon Giorgetta--The Swine (6) Rory Davidson--The Stevie G's (7) Ally Gorga--TTT (2)
Thibaut Pavageau--Latino Exchange (5) Xaier Nadas--FML (6) Alana Kush--TTT (2)
JP Villamarin--Latino Exchange (5) Nicholas Winokur--The Stevie G's (5) Emily Ergas--Siggy Ballas (2)

Table Tennis Champs!

Mens A Champ Mens B Champ Doubles Champs

Texas Hold 'Em Champs

Turkey Trot Champs
Faculty/Staff (Female)
Lee Abbuddell
Faculty/Staff (Male)--
Joe Macrini
Student (Female)--
Lara Kilgore
Student (Male)--
Tim Parsell

Your Sports Pics!

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