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Power Point Presentations

We will post all power point presentations given at the Captains' Meeting at this location after the meeting. If you missed the Captains' Meeting, you will need to email Rosie Porreca. Following her directions, you will review the correct presentation and answer the questions.

Flag Football & Indoor Soccer Power Point                                Basketball & Volleyball Power Point

Team League Registration

Participants who come to the Mandatory Captains' Meeting will receive access to IMOnline, which they will use to determine what day/time they will play their regular season. Please make sure the day and time you choose works for your entire team. Teams which show up and do not have the minimum number required will be assessed a forfeit fee. If your team must default twice in the same league, it will be the equivalent of a forfeit and the fee will be assessed. Two (2) Forfeits or three (3) defaults, and your team will be removed from the league and ineligible for Playoffs.


**Please note: We cannot guarantee you will be playing during that same time frame during Playoffs. Due to time constraints and match-ups, it is more than likely you will not be playing on the same day or at the same time. Thank you for your understanding.**

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Special registration

Below are the registration forms for the Individual/Dual Tournaments, as well as for the Special Events we will be offering throughout the year. Please make sure you check the Intramural Calendar for specific deadlines in regards to when the sports open and close. No forms will be accepted prior to the opening deadline or after the closing deadline.

Individual/Dual Entry Form Special Event Entry Form
NFL Pick 'Em Bracket
**Available in January**
March Madness Pick 'Em
**Available in March**

The Individual/Dual Entry Form needs to be completed for the following sports: Texas Hold 'Em, Tennis, Racquetball, Table Tennis, Wrestling, Ultimate Frisbee, and Co-Rec 2 Ball.

The Special Event Entry Form needs to be completed for the following sports: Flag Skills Challenge, Softball, Egg-A-Palooza, Sand Volleyball, and the Ultimate Athlete Competition.

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