Student Accounts    
  Payment Information and Deadlines:


E-Bills will be posted online on or about July 6, 2011 and your payment must be paid on or before August 15,2011.

$100 Late Fee:  If the August 15, 2011 deadline is not met a $100 late fee may be assessed.


The estimated expenses per semester for the 2011-2012 school year, before any financial aid funding is subtracted, is:

Tuition (12-18 credits)


Room & Board (Flex 240)

$  5,077.53


$     495.00

Semester Total


Full Year Total



Resources And Options You May Use To Pay Tuition: 

You may pay by check, money order (payable to Trinity University), wire transfer, credit card (see E-Pay link below) or cash (please do not send cash through the mail).  You may contact Student Account Office at 1-888-TRINITY or studentaccounts@trinity.edu for any direct payment questions.  If you pay by wire,  make sure that the sending bank includes the student's ID number and name.    Please do not forget to go online and complete your billing worksheet and e-sign. 

Stock transfers cannot be used as a form of payment.

Trinity offers a payment plan online – A monthly interest-free payment plan can be used in paying for a student’s tuition, fees, room and board.  However, the cost of books and other educational expenses cannot be included.  Call Student Accounts or visit our web
site to enroll in this payment program.  There will be an enrollment fee.

Financial Aid

There are several types of loans available to those who qualify. Call, email, or visit the Office of Financial Aid website for more information.

            Office of Financial Aid: (210) 999-8315
            Fax:  (210) 999-8316
            Physical Location: Admissions and Financial Aid Center, Room #275
            Web site: http://www.trinity.edu/departments/financial_aid/mz/index.shtml 



Please go to https://payonline.trinity.edu to authorize users (parents, third party payers) to view (on line July 9) your bill and to make a payment (electronic check-FREE or credit card - MC, DISC, or AMEX).  Credit card payments are subject to a non-refundable convenience fee based upon the dollar amount being charged with a $3 minimum.  When paying online, complete the billing worksheet, e-sign, and make the payment.  Completion of the online worksheet equates to returning your completed bill to Student Accounts.

To authorize parents or other users, students should login to Trinity's E-Bill/E-Pay system at https://payonline.trinity.edu. with the same user name and password used for Tiger's Lair access.  You may also access it from the Student Accounts web page at www.trinity.edu/departments/buso/ and then click on "Link to Pay-On-Line".  On the E-Bill/E-Pay welcome page, click the Authorized Users tab, and then click "Add an Authorized User" at the bottom of the screen.  Enter the e-mail address of the person you wish to authorize, make your Options selections, and then click "Add User" at the bottom.  The next screen will display information about giving access to your student account.  If you agree to the terms, enter the last four digits of your Trinity ID number and click "I Agree".  The following screen will reflect your newly authorized user and allow you to add additional ones.  Your authorized user(s) will receive an e-mail message telling them that you have completed this process.

Electronic refunds are available  

 To prepare for E-Refunds in Fall 2011, click on "Link to Pay Online" (above), click on the "My Profiles" tab, and complete your "Payment Profile".

Residential Life:

Resident students will be charged a required Technology Fee of $405 per semester, which will provide the following:

Telephone: covers both local and campus calls
      Computer Data Connection (PC port)
      Tiger Card: one-card system
      Cable Television

Questions regarding room, board, and optional services may be directed to Residential Life by e-mail: reslife@trinity.edu or by calling (210) 999-7219.

Obtaining Your Class Schedule

Student class schedules may be viewed and printed on-line at:  https://tigerpaws.trinity.edu/datatel/openweb/.  Tiger Paws is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any internet connection.

Refund Policy (also, see Tuition Refund Plan below):

The last day to receive a 100% refund/reduction on your Fall Semester tuition is August 31, 2011.  If you intend to withdraw from Trinity University or reduce the number of credit hours for which you are registered in the Fall semester, you must notify the Registrar’s office in writing no later than August 23.

Registrar’s office: (210) 999-7201
Fax:  (210) 999-7202
Physical location: Northrup Hall, Room #140
 Web site: http://www.trinity.edu/departments/registrar

The refund schedule may be found in the Courses of Study Catalogue or the Student Accounts web site: http://www.trinity.edu/departments/buso/index.htm#TU3

Add/drop period: If a student does not maintain full-time enrollment status (12-18 hours), the student will be penalized based on Trinity refund schedule. 

Tuition Refund Plan:

Trinity offers the elective Tuition Refund Plan (TRP) insurance to supplement the University’s published refund policy.  This plan provides withdrawal coverage (100% resulting from personal illness/accident and/or 60% resulting from mental/nervous disorders) for the academic year less any refund and/or credits due from Trinity.  Please note that  no exceptions will be made to the University Refund Policy because this insurance plan is offered to all students.  The premium is $143.00 for all students.  This premium may be added to your billing statement.  If you do not wish to participate, please subtract this fee from your billing statement worksheet.  Please note that the deadline to decline TRP, if that is your decision, is October 1st.

Health Insurance Requirements

The University requires all students enrolled for 9 or more hours to have health insurance and to provide proof of coverage annually to the University Health Service Office.

New students MUST submit a health record, including a current physical exam and immunization records, and provide proof of health insurance to Trinity University Health Services by July 1.  Texas law also requires new students to provide proof of having received the Meningococcal vaccine at least 10 days before arriving on campus.

The required health forms can be found on the Tiger’s Lair under the “Forms & Info” tab or the Health Record can be found on the Health Services web site.  Questions regarding this requirement may be directed to Health Services at HealthServices@trinity.edu or (210) 999-8111.  When your completed forms have been processed by Health Services you will receive confirmation of complete records by your university email account.  Bring a copy of this email message on move in day as proof of completion of this university requirement. 

Students participating in intercollegiate sports are not exempt from this university requirement.

If you do not have health insurance, a University sponsored plan offered by ACE American Insurance Company is available. The premium for this 12 month plan is $768 and you may enroll on-line.  Students who fail to provide proof of personal health insurance by the July 1 deadline will automatically be enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan and the premium will be added to the university bill. 

If you have been enrolled in this plan but do not want this insurance, a request for cancellation must be submitted to Health Services in writing before August 10, 2011.  Proof of personal health insurance (i.e., copy of insurance card, front and back) must accompany this request.  This insurance plan is effective beginning on August 10, and refunds will not be made after August 10, 2011, except as indicated in the policy. Specific questions about the plan may be directed to the local broker, Academic Health Plans at (888) 308-7320.

Health Services (210) 999-8111

Fax:  (210) 999-8378

Physical location: Myrtle Residence Hall, ground level, Room #001

Web site:  http://www.trinity.edu/healthservices

Email:  HealthServices@trinity.edu

Students are encouraged to have a copy of their health insurance card and update this with Health Services when it changes.

Tiger Bucks Account-Bookstore purchases and on-campus dining:

This pre-paid account may be used throughout the academic year and monies will be carried over from one semester to the next.  Students can make purchases from their Tiger Bucks account by using their Tiger ID card.

  • To establish a Tiger Bucks account, please indicate the amount on your semester bill.  The minimum amount to establish an account is $100.  Refunds from this account will be available only upon graduation or withdrawal from Trinity University.
  • Additional amounts may be added to your Tiger Bucks account at the Tiger Card Office in Storch Building, Rm. #005.

Parking Permit Registration

A parking permit for on-campus parking is required. You can stop by the Department of Campus Security at Cobb Racey, Room #102 or call  (210) 999-7001 to have a form sent to you or print one at www.trinity.edu/departments/safe/index.htm.

Pay by August 16, 2011
Annual Permit:                                           $73
Semester Permit:                                        $38

Campus Security

You may access safety statistics for Trinity University at the following Web site:

Please Note: Questions concerning your bill should be directed to the Office of Student Accounts or visit our Web site for information on FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions).


Tel: (888) 874-6489 or (210) 999-7396
Fax: (210) 999-8094
Physical Location: Northrup Hall, Room 142



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