What can I do with an Economics degree?

  To find out more about the benefit of an Economics major, go to the American Economic Association site on Undergraduate Economics, or see
"The Economic Reward for Studying Economics" by Dan A. Black, Seth Sanders, and Lowell Taylor, Economic Inquiry, July 2003, pp. 365-377





·Private firms
·Plan on graduate degree to specialize or for promotion or advancement
·Acquire statistics and computer skills
·Develop good writing and verbal communication skills
·Learn to concentrate and work independently

·Mainly in departments involved in agriculture, business, finance, labor, transportation, urban economics and international trade ·Become active in student government
·Find internship in government agency
·Plan on a graduate degree for promotion or advancement
·Become familiar with government hiring practices

·Research Analysis

·Market research firms
·Consumer goods manufacturing firms
·Business firms
·Consulting firms
·Take courses in business, political science, sampling theory, survey design and computer science
·Plan on graduate courses to specialize and for advancement
·Take a business research practicum
·Become student member in American Marketing Association
·Acquire a business minor
·Assist with canvassing/phone interviewing for charities or political campaigns
·Work on campus newspaper as reporter

·Credit lending
·Commercial banks
·Regional banks
·Savings & Loan associations
·Other financial institutions
·Find summer internship
·Develop strong analytical skills
·Gain computer skills
·Get cashier, teller or clerical experience
·Become financial officer/treasurer in campus organization


·Insurance firms,
local and home offices
·Gain computer and statistics skills
·Acquire a business minor
·Become treasurer of organization
·Assist with fund-raising drives
·Become student member in professional organizations
·Get experience in benefits/ personnel area of corporations or insurance companies
·Develop strong math and business orientation for actuarial areas


·National and regional brokerage firms
·Discount brokerage houses
·Commercial banks
·Insurance companies
·Plan on acquiring MBA
·Get sales experience
·Take a business minor
·Participate in team competition
·Become member of investment club
·Assist with telephone solicitations

·Management consulting firms
·Independent consulting firms
·Plan on first acquiring experience with government or business
·Plan for graduate degree in area of interest

·Secondary public and private schools
·Colleges and universities
·Obtain certification for teaching
·Requires Ph.D. and extensive publication for tenure and professorship

·Store management

·Department, grocery, drug, specialty and variety store chains ·Get retail or selling experience
·Demonstrate enthusiasm, flexibility
·Secure leadership position in campus organizations
·Take a business minor
·Become treasurer or financial officer of organization
·Get sales position on yearbook or campus newspaper
·Find internships

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