The Walter Adams Prize

For Excellence in Economics

Purpose of Award:

The Walter Adams Prize for Excellence in Economics honors Walter Adams, who was the Vernon F. Taylor Distinguished Professor of Economics at Trinity University in 1989 and from 1992 to 1998.

The Walter Adams Prize for Excellence in Economics has been established by the Department of Economics to recognize a graduating economics major at Trinity who has achieved great distinction in scholarship and involvement in the life of the University community. The annual winner of the award receives a significant cash prize, an individual plaque, and the inscription of her/his name on a commemorative plaque that is displayed in the economics department.

Selection Procedures:

In the Spring of every year, the faculty members of the economics department review the list of the graduating economics majors. From this list, the faculty members select three to five finalists (not ranked). These students are notified of their finalist status. The finalists are asked to submit a curriculum vitae and are interviewed by all the faculty of the department. The faculty members then select the winner of The Walter Adams Prize for Excellence in Economics. The criteria used in this selection focuses on those values that Professor Adams held paramount in his professional career. Therefore, the winner of the award is not necessarily the graduating senior with the highest grade point average. Rather, the winner is likely to be a student with excellent academic achievement who also has a broad set of interests (e.g., international, athletic, public service, etc.) and who has been actively involved in the life of Trinity University.

The Walter Adams Prize for Excellence in Economics is presented annually during the Honors Convocation.

Contributions to The Walter Adams Prize:

The University is accepting contributions to an endowed account for The Walter Adams Prize for Excellence in Economics. Those members of the Trinity community whose lives have been touched by Professor Adams and wish to help perpetuate his memory are invited to make contributions to the Adams endowment. These contributions should be sent to Mr. Marc Raney, Vice President of University Relations and Development. Please indicate that your contribution should be designated to the Walter Adams endowment.