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Student Employment

An UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT WORK AUTHORIZATION form is required to initiate hiring action for all undergraduate student positions. Supervisors should follow the guidelines listed to complete the UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT WORK AUTHORIZATION form.

1. Complete information concerning the semester, year, department name, and account number. Indicate "Federal Work Study" or "Institutional" funding on the appropriate portion of the form.

2. Complete the line requesting the title and hourly wage of the new positions. Only one form is required to request several student positions with the same job description and title.

3. Complete information concerning the total number of open positions and other recruiting information.

4. If you know the name of the student you wish to hire, please indicate the studentís name on the bottom of the UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT WORK AUTHORIZATION form. Always indicate the number of hours per week.

5. A job description for each vacant position must be attached to the UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT WORK AUTHORIZATION form or must be on file in the Office of Human Resources.

6. Obtain approval signatures from the department supervisor or chairperson.

7. Academic departments must obtain approval of the vice president.

8. Non-grant-funded undergraduate student work authorizations established at minimum wage (Level I) do not require the approval at the vice-presidential level.

9. Positions above minimum wage (Level I) must have the approval of the appropriate vice president. Grant-funded positions must be approved by the Controller Services.

10. Departments must ensure that funds are available in their student work budgets before requesting student positions.

Student work authorizations sent in the fall of an academic year will carry over for the spring semester. Students hired in the fall are placed on payroll for fall and spring. Therefore, no new student authorization is required for spring except for new positions. You will need to advise the Office of Human Resources of any vacant or new positions in your department. Include in your memo the names of students who are not returning so they can be removed from payroll. No action is necessary for those students returning from the fall semester.

All students are removed from payroll at the end of the spring semester of each academic year. New authorization forms are required for the summer session. Students eligible for Federal Work Study in the fall or spring semesters are not automatically eligible for the summer session. Students who wish to work during the summer must contact the Office of Financial Aid to establish their eligibility for the summer session.

Student applicants are further categorized into two funding categories: Federal work study and institutional funds (non-college work study). This categorization of applicants is necessary due to the division of departmental student work accounts into these funding sources.

In addition to the Undergraduate Student Work Authorization form, each student must complete the Federal Work Study Employment Agreement or Institutional Student Employment Agreement, as appropriate.  Payroll action required prior to the beginning of employment is the responsibility of the Office of Human Resources, provided all necessary paperwork has been completed. Department supervisors should ensure that hiring, termination and transfer actions are reported to the HR office in a timely fashion to enable proper payment to the student.

Efficient operation of the Student Placement Program at Trinity University requires that personnel policies address specific student issues. Policies have been designed to meet the needs of both students and supervisors, as well as to ensure that employment decisions are made on an equitable basis.

Graduate assistantships are authorized on a semester basis. Graduate assistantships are established using a GRADUATE STUDENT FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE form (see example):

1. Complete information concerning the department, program and term.

2. Complete information concerning the studentís name and social security number.

3. Complete remaining blanks concerning the type of award, total amount, monthly payments, tuition payments and accounts charged.

4. Obtain approval from the chairperson of the department.

5. Forward authorization form to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for final approval.

6. Forward authorization form to Sponsored Projects Accounting in the Business Office for approval, if grant funds are used.

For additional information, refer to the Student Employment Procedures Guide, available from the Office of Human Resources.

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