International Studies  

The International Studies Major / Minor

Trinity's international studies program allows students to combine courses from various departments into a single interdisciplinary major under the direction of faculty advisors from the participating departments. Students take a basic course in international relations and then concentrate in a particular area: Europe, East Asia, Latin America and Latino Studies, Middle East, World Affairs, or International Environmental Studies. They study a foreign language, study abroad, and complete a senior project. All majors and minors in the program also attend a weekly colloquium, or seminar, where they discuss presentations on international affairs by members of the faculty, guest speakers, and senior students in the program. Special activities include internship options and participation in the Model United Nations.

Trinity offers an array of modern languages that help meet the requirements of the International Studies Program. These include French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, and Chinese. International studies students usually spend part of their Trinity career in another country attending classes and building fluency in their main foreign language. Opportunities exist in most European countries, Africa, Central and South America, and Asia.

Languages Across the Curriculum (LAC) is an international studies program innovation that provides opportunities for students with advanced language skills to take special language courses outside the conventional language curriculum in such diverse fields as business, the environment, history, economics, and anthropology. All work in these courses is done entirely in the target language. The courses are designed to enhance students' mastery of specialized vocabularies in the various fields. Central to the LAC program is Spanish Across the Curriculum. Students who complete this curriculum program receive a notation on their transcripts that can be an asset in graduate school applications and job searches.

  • Students may select a concentration in East Asian Studies, European Studies, Latin American and Latino Studies, Middle East Studies, International Affairs, or International Environmental Studies.

  • Languages Across the Curriculum provides opportunities for students to take special language courses in diverse fields such as business, the environment, history, economics, and anthropology. Seniors may choose a tutorial as their project for the final year, working one-on-one with a particular faculty member; or they may take a departmental seminar or reading and conference course in an area of their special interest.
The Student Experience

The international studies program works closely with Trinity's study abroad program, making it possible for majors and minors to spend part of their college careers in another country immersed in language and cultural studies. Many Trinity students find internship opportunities overseas and make them part of their academic program. Trinity's International Programs Office also arranges for students to participate in U.S.-based internships in Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C.

Internships may be arranged on an individual basis with permission of the Director of International Programs. Internships are usually in San Antonio with an organization in the private or public sector that provides exposure to international issues.

International studies supports or sponsors a variety of events throughout the year in addition to the required weekly colloquium. These include lectures, exhibitions, films, and international days on campus. Trinity students role-play diplomats from various countries in the regional Model Arab League and at Harvard's National Model United Nations in Boston. The Program works with the Trinity Multicultural Network and co-sponsors organizations such as the Chinese Culture Club, Korean Students Association, Middle East Students Association, and the Alpha Delta Epsilon international fraternity.

The international studies program sponsors the Trinity chapter of the Sigma Iota Rho honorary society, which outstanding international studies majors and minors are invited to join.


Students go on to study international politics, law, business, communications, and journalism among other specialties. Many international studies graduates complete M.A. and Ph.D. programs at top graduate schools. As liberal arts major, the international studies program at Trinity prepares students for careers as generalists. Graduates find jobs in business, journalism, and teaching, and many seek international employment. Examples of careers followed by graduates of the program include:

  • Foreign Service officers in New Delhi, Washington, and Vienna.
  • Executive director of the United Nations Association of Boston.
  • Financial analyst in Hong Kong.
  • Research analyst in Japan.

Other graduates have been Fulbright scholars, English teachers in the Japanese "JET" program, and recipients of fellowships to graduate schools for advanced international studies.


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