1. The Common Curriculum
  2. International Studies Core (15-21 hours)
    1. HIST 3303 (U.S. Diplomatic History) or PLSI 1331 (Comparing Countries)
    2. INTL 3100 (International Studies Colloquium; 2-3 hours).
      • Required enrollment during each semester of residence in the major.
    3. Advanced Language study (at least 6 upper division hours). This requirement in the Middle East and East Asian Studies concentrations may be modified in special circumstances upon recommendation of the advisor and the consent of the International Studies Committee.
    4. Study Abroad recommended, with the advice of the International Studies Committee and Study Abroad Counselor.
    5. Internship Course option (INTL 4-01; maximum 3 hours)
    6. Senior Research Practicum, which may be satisfied in one of three ways after being proposed by the student and approved by the student's advisor, the International Studies Committee, and the Department involved.
      • The tutorial option (INTL 4300)
      • The departmental Reading and Conference Cours option
      • The departmental Senior Seminar option
  3. Concentrations (15-18 hours including courses taken while abroad)
    • International Studies concentrations are individual programs of study that are designed by students in consultation with the Program Director and the appropriate concentration advisor. A student may propose courses from the concentration list (below), or, with the approval of the advisor and Committee, from among courses taken abroad or unlisted courses taken while at Trinity.
  4. Electives sufficient to total 124 semester hours.
  5. Students are strongly encouraged to take courses in the Languages Across the Curriculum Program.



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