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A Commitment for Comfort...

has been enacted on behalf of the Facilities Services ant the Faculty, Staff and Students of Trinity University

As the provider of conditioned air to Trinity University’s residence halls, offices and classrooms and other spaces, the Facilities Services staff is committed to providing an environment that is reasonable comfortable in which to live, work and learn, within the resources (physical facilities, financial and human) that are available to us.  Listed below are excerpts from the department’s statement of goals and objectives related to this commitment:

Goal #1 To respond to the needs of our customers with quality facilities and services.The objective related to this goal is “to achieve a 90% customer satisfaction rating”.  The way we assess our progress toward this goal is through such instruments as the Quality of Life Survey of Residential Students. 

Goal #2  To effectively and efficiently manage and utilize resources: Facilities, Human, Fiscal Utilities, Equipment and Expendables.

Objectives related to this goal include “Use less than 20 btu/gsf/yr/tdd of natural gas and electricity”, “Operate within budget for Supplies and Expenses”.  The way we assess our progress toward this goal as related to these objectives is through data collection and review from Trinity’s utility bills and departmental expenditures records.

More specifically we pledge to follow guidelines:

  1. We will control the air temperature in all occupied indoor spaces on campus will have a target temperature of 74 degrees with an acceptable range of 70-78 degrees during the cooling season (summer) and a target temperature of 71 degrees with an acceptable range of 67-75 degrees during the heating season (winter).
  2. We will strive to give limited control of the temperature in individual spaces such as student residence hall rooms and faculty offices to the occupant of those spaces.  While this is currently possible in a limited number of spaces, where it is not, we will strive to have the needed physical modifications in any appropriate renovation of the space(s).
  3. We will be a strong advocate to ensure that the appropriate financial resources are available to pay the needed utilities and facility improvements needed to achieve the goals and objectives mentioned above and this pledge.
  4. We will provide on-site personnel capable of addressing most air conditioning/heating problems from 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday.  Off-site personnel will be available at all other times upon notification through the Department of Campus Security.
  5. We will monitor weather forecasts, usually the next 24-48 hours, in attempt to anticipate the potential impact on the indoor environment of Trinity’s facilities.  When dramatic changes are forecast, the temperature ranges mentioned above may be briefly exceeded.
  6. We will recognize the various types of existing construction features and heating and air conditioning equipment in different buildings and will attempt to achieve a reasonable balance between differing needs.
  7. We will record and document all requests for air conditioning/heating service or complaints that we receive through our normal procedures. 
  8. We will replace the filters on room air conditioning units twice a year and more often upon the request of individual occupants of the space.


John W. Greene
Director of the Facilities Services

Dan Wiegrefe
Assistant Director of the Facilities Services

Allen Hosek
Heating/Air Conditioning System Maintenance Supervisor

Dennis Massey
Residence Hall Maintenance Supervisor

Heating/Air conditioning System Maintenance Technicians

Residence Hall Maintenance Technicians

October 9, 2003
Revised August 2005