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Overnight Stay

Trinity University offers two guest apartments for overnight stay of up to three nights. These accommodations are set aside for the Board of Trustees, guest speakers, faculty recruits, and others of similar stature whose business necessitates their staying on campus. The apartments are located in the rear of the Holt Conference Center at 106 Oakmont and can accommodate two persons each. Reservation requests are to be submitted online in order to determine apartment availability. Apartment keys are maintained at Cobb-Racey room 100 Department of Campus Security. The current rental rate is $50.00/night, and the requesting office will be billed accordingly.

1st Floor Accomodations

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1st Fl K
1st LR2
1st LR
1st Fl BR
2nd Floor Accomodations
2nd Fl K
2nd Fl LR
2nd Fl LR 2
2nd Fl BR