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Service Requests (Work Orders)

During the year departments may find the need to solicit services of the Facilities Services Office.

In order to maintain control of these requests, the Facilities Services Office uses a computerized work order system to manage the thousands of SERVICE REQUESTS that are received each year.

It is recommended that SERVICE REQUESTS be submitted via campus mail or fax (ext. 8467) to the Facilities Services Office, work order control clerk, on a SERVICE REQUEST form (see example). The work order control station is open every work day from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. The priorities for the operator are:

  • emergency service requests
  • routine service requests
  • response to personnel on status of service requests

Service requests may also be submitted via telephone (ext. 8413) or e-mail to Whenever possible, a minimum of three working days of lead time before the required completion date is requested.

If equipment or furniture is to be relocated, attach an EQUIPMENT TRANSACTIONS form (see the section "Changes in Property" in the chapter on "Property Management and Control") to the SERVICE REQUEST form. The SERVICE REQUEST will not be processed until the EQUIPMENT TRANSACTIONS form is received.

Notary Public services for official University business are available during office working hours in the Office of Fiscal Affairs, the Development Office, Campus Safety, and the Purchasing Office.

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TU Form No. 006 Service Request Form

Fact: Terminix is available on campus only on Mondays and Thursdays before noon.
Fact: Many projects require a job estimate and approval before work can begin.