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Trinity's Pool Vehicles currently consist of 2 suburbans, 2-10 passenger freightliner vans and 3 sedans, all which are available for departmental and organizational use pending a rental fee.
Before being permitted to drive university vehicles, all drivers must be cleared for coverage under the university's insurance policy. Eva Cuellar, whose office is at Northrup 110, can be reached at ext. 7336. She processes all new requests for university coverage. Having this clearance permits drivers to check out university sedans and/or suburban's. Drivers interested in utilizing the 10 passenger vans, however, must go through training before allowed to rent the vans. The point of contact for that is Harold Lovejoy located in the Chapel room 102 and can be reached at ext. 7004. He issues the certification for authorized van drivers. Reservations for vehicles are made by contacting the secretary at the Facilities Services extension 8420. The department secretary will issue the vehicle keys,fuel credit cards and maintains the trip tickets which all drivers sign prior to their departure. Upon their return, drivers may use the "drop box" in Prassel Garage for arrivals during nonworking hours and weekends. Otherwise, keys and credit cards can be returned directly to the Facilities Services as agreed on. Billing for vehicle use is sent to account custodians and takes place at the end of each month. Renters are charged by the mile (not by the day) at the current rate established by the university. When only short trips are involved, a minimum service charge will be assessed.