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           More than sixty percent of our majors eventually pursue graduate
           studies. Forty to fifty percent of graduating majors will pursue a
           law degree.  The majority of our majors will attend law schools in
           Texas, but recent graduates have attended Harvard, Chicago,
           Stanford, Washington and Lee, Wake Forest, New York University,
           and a number of state universities. 

           Other graduates have pursued advanced studies in political science,
           public policy, international affairs or related fields.  Recent
           graduates have completed studies at Harvard University, Duke, 
           Georgetown University, University of Texas, and Texas  A&M University.

           A degree in political science opens doors to many career options. 
           A significant number of our graduates pursue careers in law, but
           others have pursued careers in government, international affairs,
           nonprofit organizations, political campaigns, interest group
           advocacy, public relations, communications, teaching, print
           journalism, and broadcast news.  But, your career options do not
           have to fit into these categories. The department has graduated
           majors who have eventually gone into careers in health care,
           finance, and a variety of other sectors of the economy.