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 The department encourages majors and minors to actively pursue internship opportunities that are available locally or through a variety of study abroad or Washington, DC programs. Students are encouraged to pursue such opportunities with or without credit. PLSI 3-97 (Internship in Politics, Administration, and Law) can only be taken Pass/Fail.  Please inquire about the following internships at the political science office.

 American University Congressional Internships
Bexar County District Attorney's Office Internship
Federal District Courts, Western District Internship
Supreme Court Internship

Experiential Learning

The political science faculty supports student's efforts to engage their talents, energy and initiatives in the community and the world.  We believe this activism connects the student with citizenry, creating deeper sense of citizenship and a sensitivity and connectivity with people of different cultures, races and socioeconomic backgrounds. 

Trinity University Center for Experiential and Service-Learning
International Volunteer Opportunities
Grassroots Skill Builder
Civil Rights Coalition for the 21st Century

Handbooks from The Civil Right Coalition:
Handbook for Civil Rights Activists
Grassroots Toolkit
Planning a Community Forum on Judicial Nominations
Planning a Community Forum on Affirmative Action
Advocates Guide to Grassroots Organizing During Congressional Recess
Sample Letter to the Editor
Congressional Voting Record

Study Abroad

Trinity University Study Abroad Office
Partnership for Service-Learning and Leadership


Rhodes Scholar
The Truman Scholarship