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1301 American Politics

1302 National Public Policy Issues

1303 Introduction to American National and Texas Government

1331 Comparing Countries

1332 Film, Literature and Politics of the Third World

1341The Individual in World Politics

1361 Thinking About Politics

3301 Political Parties and Interest Groups

3302 Minorities in U.S. Politics

3303 Elections and Campaigns

3304 Political Communication

3305 Legislatures in the United States

3306 The American Presidency

3307 Judicial Process

3313 Policy Analysis and the Policymaking Process

3314 Bureaucratic Politics

3315 The Politics of the Federal System

3316 Comparative Urban Governance

3329 Special Topics in American Politics

3330 European Politics

3331 Political Economy of the U.S., Europe and Japan

3332 China and Japan

3333 Latin American Politics

3334 State, Society and Change in the Middle East

3335 Post-Soviet Politics

3339 Special Topics in Comparative Politics

3340 The United Nations System

3341 Ethnic Conflict in World Politics

3342 International Law

3343 Violent Conflict in World Politics

3344 The Middle East and the World

3345 The United States and World Order

3346 Geography and World Politics

3349 Special Topics in International Politics

3351 Constitutional law

3352 Civil Rights and Liberties

3353 Freedom of Speech

3359 Special Topics in Public Law

3361 Classical Political Thought

3362 Modern Political Thought

3363 Masters of Suspicion: Contemporary Political Thought

3369 Special Topics in Political Theory

3-90  Reading and Conference

3-97  Internship in Politics, Administration, and Law

3372 Research Methods in Political Science