Becky Briones

Hometown: Denton, Tx.
Major: Biology

What has Trinity meant to you?

Although I transferred to Trinity at the beginning of my junior year, I feel so at home at Trinity that I may as well have been here all four years.  Trinity to me has meant a challenging, rigorous, invaluable education that has been given to me by fabulously brilliant and caring professors, incredibly gifted peers, and friendships that will last a lifetime.  Coming to Trinity has been one of the best decisions of my life.

What will be some of your best memories of Trinity?

Singing with Trinity Choir at Christmas Vespers, building gingerbread houses with my precious residents on Miller 3rd, salsa dancing with my friends on the weekend, late night study sessions at Cowles Life Sciences Building, and dancing with my best friend in the fountain on Halloween.

How has your education prepared you for life after college?

My education in the classroom has taught me a lot about diligence and about creative thinking.  Outside of the classroom, from ResLife (Residential Life) I have learned so much about teamwork from my fellow R.M.s, from performing in Broadway Review and in Trinity Choir I have learned how confidence and professionalism affect how you perform in whatever you do.  I feel confident that my professors effectively conveyed their knowledge to me, and I feel confident that other experiences that I have had will allow me to apply this knowledge well when I become a physician.

Favorite professors?

Frank Healy (Biology), my microbiology professor, for being enthusiastic and passionate about science and for conveying that in class.  Also Rita Urquijo-Ruiz (Modern Languages and Literatures), for facilitating effective discussions in Spanish class, and for making herself available in any way she could to enhance the classroom experience.

Any life changing experiences?

My Chicana Theater class with Dr. Urquijo-Ruiz, because it opened my eyes to the beauty of the Latina experience, and made me want to learn more about that part of my heritage.  Also, my experience as an R.M.  My residents are all so special and amazing in their own ways, and I have made incredible friendships on the ResLife staff.

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