Creighton Welch

Hometown: Georgetown, Texas
Major: Communication

What has Trinity meant to you?

To me, Trinity has meant growth and enrichment. Sure, I’ve learned in the classroom, but the people I’ve met and the things I’ve done have helped me grow as a person and have taught me many things about myself and the world around me.

What will be some of your best memories of Trinity?

Definitely, the Trinitonian (student newspaper). It has provided me with some great friends, and a great work experience very few college students get the chance to do; a lot of the memories revolve around the late Thursday nights going to press, with a lot of screaming and hollering going on, but we always got it done. Life in the residence halls is a great memory, too. From the time I met my roommate John, on our first year move-in day, until graduation, he’s been my roommate and among the best of friends. And, how can you forget Mabee (Dining Hall)? Often ragged on, I’ll miss the ease of walking a few feet to have the many options I had there.

How has your education prepared you for life after college?

The courses at Trinity not only helped me in my major, but they helped me learn about all sorts of fields. I never really thought I’d take a physics course, but doing so has broadened my horizons that much more. My education has also prepared me, thanks to small course settings and the caring nature of the faculty. Everyone here wants to see the students succeed.

Favorite professors?

Jennifer Henderson in the communication department. She’s a great person, both in the classroom and out. Always willing to spend time making sure I understood what was going on and was getting the most out of her classes. She’s a professor anyone should aspire to be. Sammye Johnson, also in the communication department. Sure, some see her grading as horrendously difficult, and there’s never a shortage of jokes about her use of red ink, but while she is demanding, it’s unreal how much I’ve gotten from those moments. She’s always interested in what I’m doing, not just in her class, but with the newspaper and with the rest of my post-college plans.

Any life changing experiences?

Well, it has been one big life-changing experience.  I could spend hours recounting all the memories, mostly great, that Trinity has provided.

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