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Nov. 4, 2010


Trinity University Names Associate Director of Entrepreneurship Program


 Luz Cristal Sanchez Glangchai

SAN ANTONIO Trinity University has appointed Luz Cristal Sanchez Glangchai as the associate director of the Entrepreneurship Program. Glangchai will teach courses in the program as well as create, promote, and direct special events and activities to foster relationships between Trinity students and entrepreneurs in the community.


“I would like to create a cross-disciplinary program that is all inclusive and open to all disciplines across campus,” said Glangchai. “I would like this program to give students the strategic skills to be able to go out and meet society’s challenges and be able to create products and services that can benefit society.”


Glangchai received a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. She furthered her education at the University of Texas with a master’s and doctorate in biomedical engineering.


Trinity’s Entrepreneurship Program gives students the opportunity to be creative, explore, and gain hands-on experience in discovering and solving problems in society. The ultimate goal is to be able to take to market products that students design and produce.


Glangchai is developing three initiatives directed at students, faculty, and the San Antonio community. She is introducing a 3DS, Three Day Startup, in which students and area entrepreneurs spend 72 hours promoting passions and ideas by forming a company, drawing up a business plan, and making pitches to potential investors.  


“For me, it’s been a process of realizing technology, inventions, and research doesn’t have inherent value until you actually apply it to be able to help society,” said Glangchai, “If you follow your passion you can really achieve anything.”


Trinity University is a nationally recognized liberal arts and sciences institution noted for its exceptional faculty and commitment to the comprehensive preparation of its talented student body. It is a learning community that has charted its course with a steadfast commitment to excellence since it was founded in 1869.




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