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Trinity Honor Council Sweetens Message for Finals with ‘Do-Nut Cheat’ Party

By Susie P. Gonzalez

May 2010 –When Trinity student Roha Teferra, a sophomore from Houston, bit into a doughnut at the Coates Library, it was a way to put her personal ethics where her mouth is. At a “Do-Nut Cheat” party sponsored by the Trinity Honor Council in the foyer of Coates Library before finals began, Ms. Teferra said, “It’s my contract not to cheat. I’ve made this agreement with the University not to cheat and this is my contract.”

Ms. Teferra, who is majoring in urban studies and Spanish, was among the throng of students who began lining up at 4:30 p.m. outside the library for a 5 p.m. “Do-Nut Cheat” party during Reading Days in early May. The Honor Council wanted to sweeten the message of academic integrity by giving away free doughnuts and coffee.

Council members ordered 240 doughnuts and two urns of coffee. Adding to the festive atmosphere were donut-shaped balloons. Even free T-shirts were in the mix. By 5:07 p.m., the doughnuts, coffee, and T-shirts were history.

Huynh Nga “Nancy” Nguyen, a member of the Honor Council, says the format followed last fall was changed from handing out doughnuts several days to one big event designed to energize students for finals. “We want to remind students of the importance of finishing the semester strong and not cheating at the last minute,” she says. The party also conveys a message counter to a prevailing sentiment that the Honor Council is a “secretive bunch that is out to punish students.” Truly, Ms. Nguyen says the Council’s goal is pure education. And all that sugar and caffeine can’t help but keep students awake and pumped for poring over the books.


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