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Lost and Found

Renovation at Susanna Residence Hall uncovers photographs missing for 23 years

By Russell Guerrero'83

Krista's note
After losing her prized photographs, Krista wrote this note and sent it behind the desk hoping they would someday be discovered.

July 2010 — While remodeling Susanna Residence Hall for current and future Trinity students, workers with Malitz Construction uncovered a personal treasure lost by a former student more than 20 years ago.

Ray Martinez and Frank Pitts were using crowbars to pry a built-in desk from the wall of room 222 when three items fell to the floor and caught their attention. The workers picked up the fallen articles: two wallet-sized photographs and a handwritten note:

 “PLEASE READ! URGENT! Should these desks ever be removed and my lost, very precious baby pictures found – please oh please, send them to me. They mean so much!” The note was signed by Krista Hoerig. 

The workers took the note and the photos to their supervisor, Carlos Alonzo. After reading the note, he gave the items to Mike Ferrell, assistant director of Trinity’s Physical Plant.  “It was almost like finding a time capsule,” said Ferrell.  He immediately tried to contact Krista.

Sharon Curry ’85, physical plant systems report writer, wondered if they might find her on Facebook. After a few minutes of searching, Curry found her under her married name, Krista Hoerig Marx ’89.  Curry then sent a short note about the pictures.

Krista Hoerig Marx '89
A recent photo of Krista Hoerig Marx '89

At the same time Krista was vacationing in Port Aransas and doing a little work on her computer at a picnic table when a message, with “Found Photos” in the subject line, popped up on her screen.

“My heart started to beat a little faster and I thought ‘there’s no way,’” wrote Krista in an e-mail.  “When I read the message, I knew immediately what happened.”

 In the fall of 1987, Krista was a junior from Elgin, Texas and living in Susanna. On her desk was a collage of family photos, including a baby picture she had begged her aunt to lend to her. One fateful day, as she was cleaning, a book brushed up against the wall and knocked the pictures behind the desk.

Krista tried everything she could think of to retrieve the pictures. Ultimately, after a few tears, she decided to write a note on the slim chance someone might find the pictures in the future. After saying a little prayer, she slipped the note down the same path the pictures took behind the desk.

Krista graduated from Trinity and returned to her hometown, where she has been an educator for more than 20 years with the Elgin Independent School District. 

Krista Marx's baby photos
Krista Marx's baby photos, borrowed from an aunt and lost behind a desk for 23 years. Photo on the right is Krista with her younger brother.

“I hoped against hope that the pictures would some day find their way back to me,” wrote Krista, but “after 20-plus years it no longer seemed possible.”

Back at Trinity, Curry was surprised to get a reply from Krista within minutes. After a few more e-mails, Curry promised to return the photos by registered mail.

“What a modern miracle!” wrote Krista. “What a testimony to the fact that Trinity is about the whole student - whether past, present, or future – and that who we are really matters.  I still can’t believe the pictures have been found and that they are homeward bound. As one of my friends posted (on Facebook): Amazing!”

Once she gets the pictures back, Krista said she plans to return her baby photo to her aunt.

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