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Service Calls - Our service line ext. 5400;  copierservice@trinity.edu

The purchase and maintenance of the copiers on campus are handled through the Convenience Copy Center in the Purchasing Office. If there is a problem with a copier you are to call the service line number ext. 5400. Also, "Copier Service Call Quality Assessment" forms are supplied to each key operator (person in charge of copier) to be completed when there is a problem with the copier. These forms are to be returned to the Purchasing Office so that we can track the performance of each copier. Please make it a point to fill out the forms. Your efforts will be rewarded by better service. If you do not have any of these forms, please call Grace at ext. 8228 and forms will be sent to you.


Service Calls - Our new service line ext. 5400      

All maintenance on typewriters is handled through the Purchasing Office. Please call our service number at ext. 5400 if you are having problems with your typewriter. Your typewriter must be under maintenance to be repaired. If you need further information on the maintenance contract, please feel free to call me and I will go over the contract with you.



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