What is TigerPAWS? 


TigerPAWS (Personal Assistant Web Services) provides online access to your personal Trinity University faculty information and assists you with student advising.  Through TigerPAWS you can:


·        View and print your class rosters

·        Review your teaching schedule

·        Enter your midterm and final grades

·        View and print grades you’ve issued in past semesters

·        Approve your Advisees for registration

·        Assist your advisees with the online “Search for Classes” feature

·        View course enrollment information by course, subject area, or department

·        View and print your advisees’ transcripts, grade reports, class schedules, and degree program evaluations (including “what if” scenarios)

·        Look up your advisees’ home and email addresses, and program information such as major, minor, and concentration






TigerPAWS can be accessed through Tiger’s Lair or directly, at www.trinity.edu/tigerpaws  .  Click on TigerPAWS for Faculty, then on the area you wish to access.  Most areas will require that you log on.




For further details on using TigerPAWS, please visit the web site of the Office of the Registrar through Tiger’sLair, or directly, at www.trinity.edu/departments/registrar/ .  TigerPAWS information can also be found in the front pages of the Class Schedule.





If you are having trouble logging in to TigerPAWS, please contact the Helpdesk at helpdesk@trinity.edu or 999-7409 (from a campus phone, just dial 7409).


If you have logged in to TigerPAWS but are having trouble using the TigerPAWS screens, please contact the Office of the Registrar at  reghelp@trinity.edu or 999-7201 (from a campus phone, just dial 7201).