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C. Mackenzie Brown received his Bachelor’s Degree in History from Stanford University (1967) and his Ph.D. in the History of Religions specializing in South Asian Religions from Harvard University (1973).  Brown came to Trinity immediately after completing his doctoral work at Harvard.  His earlier research focused on Hindu goddesses in medieval Hindu scriptures.  For the last fifteen years, his interests have expanded to include issues of religion and science in historical perspective.  Recent publications include articles on the religious beliefs of American scientists, the religious aspects of Gunther von Hagen’s Body Worlds, Hindu and Christian Creationism, Hindu theories of Avataric Evolutionism, and the Design Argument in the Classical Hindu Traditions.  He is currently working on a book entitled “Darwin, Dharma, and Design: Hindu Perspectives on Evolution and Creationism.”  Brown has served as Chair of the Department of Religion and Chair of the Faculty Senate.  He holds the Jennie Farris Railey King Professorship in Religion.  He is past-President of the Southwest Commission on Religious Studies.

The courses he teaches include: RELI 1330—Asian Religions; RELI 3312—Religion and Science in the West; RELI 3313—Religion and Science in Asia; RELI 3331—The Hindu Tradition; and a First-Year Seminar, “Frankenstein and Beyond.”