What our students and alumni are up to...

Amber Petit was recently married (she is now Amber Dodds) and is currently attending Law School at the University of Texas in Austin.

Ameena Jain is currently in nursing school and enjoying it. The following is from a note recently sent to Dr. Mackenzie Brown:
"I don't know if you remember, but you once asked how I was going to apply my Religion major to Nursing, and I couldn't tell you for sure.  But now that I'm halfway through this program, I'm constantly reminded of that question.  And with the amount of times religion has come up, I wish I had studied more when I had the time.  Just last week in clinicals, I came across a client who identified herself as Wiccan, and I honestly have a basic understanding of that belief system.  But she also identified herself (amongst others) as Zen and generally eastern philosophy, and I felt I could understand and talk about that with her.  So you were right: religion does apply to the health field, especially when it comes to religions that other health care professionals don't know much about and have to deal with often.  It allows me to be sensitive to other beliefs and to work with their needs.  It helps people open up when you understand them better.  I plan to become more familiar with traditions of other belief systems that I did not get into very much at Trinity."

Helen Orr (Class of '05) will receive her M.A. in Religion at Harvard Divinity School this spring (2008). She'll then travel to Eastern Europe/Balkans before continuing her graduate studie.

In March, 2008, Chris Scheitle (Class of '03) succesfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation at Penn State University. He will soon begin a two year Post-Doc position at Penn State.

Erin O'Dell (Class of '07) spent three weeks in Tanzania this summer helping to build classrooms for a Girls Secondary School. She is now living in Colorado where she works as an Advertising Traffic Coordinator for Wiesner Media (a publishing company).