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Dean of Students

Parents and Family Members,

We are pleased to welcome Tanya Johnson-Ruffin, director of Parents Giving Programs, to Trinity University. She just got here and is already publishing newsletter items (see below)! This summer, Kealey Malott started in a new position as Coordinator for Alumni and Parent Recruitment. Tanya, Kealey, several others, and I will be meeting soon to review our overall parent relations approach. We have some excellent programs in place, but as we learned this fall, with the addition of the parent magnets at the August breakfast, and with the insiders lunch at Fall Family Weekend, there is always room for new ideas, growth, and creativity. If you have suggestions or feedback, please e-mail me at dtuttle@trinity.edu. Thanks and have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.


Mr. David M. Tuttle
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students     

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Residential Life

Residence Hall Closing
in December
Residents are expected to leave 24 hours after their last final. Door locks will be disabled at noon on Saturday, December 21, 2013. Once the building has been officially closed, keys will not work and re-entry will not be allowed until halls reopen on Sunday, January 12, 2014 so please remind your student to pack important items (i.e. passports, prescription medicine, contact lenses, etc.). Students may leave belongings in the room over the break and will not need to turn in keys.


Counseling Services   

“Just do your best”?
As your son or daughter heads into the highly stressful final few weeks of the semester, you may offer these words of encouragement: “Just do your best.” Although these words are meant to lessen anxiety, they can be burdensome for students who are perfectionistic or literal-minded.


Translated, your child might hear "Just do your best" as “Give 100% to each class and assignment.” Yet no one can give 100% to everything. Moreover, not every academic task deserves a best effort.


So, when your student is overwhelmed by trying to do their best in every class or on every assignment, you can do a couple of things. First, you can modify the saying to “Just do your best under the circumstances” (e.g., in light of how much time you have available). Second, you can help your student prioritize how much effort to put into each class or into each assignment.


My colleagues and I at Counseling Services are available to help perfectionistic students adjust their approach to academics. A student can see a counselor for an initial consultation by appointment or during Walk-In Hours, Monday-Friday, 3 to 4:30 p.m.

--Richard Reams, Ph.D., associate director of Counseling Services

Health Services


It's not too late to get a Flu shot!
Flu vaccine is still available for students, No appointment is necessary. The cost is $12 payable by Tiger  Bucks, check or we can bill the student account.


The Parents Council


Trinity Parents Fund
Parents are Trinity University’s best advocates in the important work of raising support to ensure that your son or daughter’s experience here is more than an academic education, but also one that prepares them to be well-rounded adults.  Gifts to Trinity’s Parents Fund sustain everything from academic scholarships to varsity sports and clubs. Trinity tuition covers only 64% of the full collegiate experience. Help assure that 100% of the Trinity experience is available to 100% of our students. For more information about the Trinity Parents Program, call or e-mail Tanya Johnson-Ruffin, director of Parents Giving Programs, at 210-999-8438 or tjohnso2@trinity.edu.



Congratulations to Lea Watson, the November 2013 Student Leader Spotlight recipient. Student Leader Spotlight is an opportunity for students to be recognized for their contributions and achievements on a monthly basis. Lea was nominated by a peer, Ben Whitehead for initiating a relationship between Trinity and MEYO. Visit here to see Lea Watson's video interview and biography.


1098-T Notification for Students
The 2013 1098-T forms will be processed by Student Financial Services.  To grant access to your student’s 1098-T, all students should Authorize Users (parent, individual claiming them as a dependent) to view and/or print their 1098-T.  Even if the student has already authorized user to access their account, they must give consent for them to access the 1098-T online.  Information and steps to authorize user to access the 1098-T will be e-mailed to the student in late November or early December.

Payment Plan Notification for Spring 2014
The spring 2014 tuition statement will be posted online on or about December 9, 2013 and payment plans will be open for enrollment at that time.

For additional information on Payment Plan enrollment, billing, and e-refunds click here or e-mail


Selfies won't last; memories can. Give your student the gift of time--a 2014 Mirage yearbook. Books are $70 until January 1, 2014. Go to cpstore.trinity.edu or www.yearbookforever.com. Not sure it you've ordered already? Go to trinity.edu/yearbook. Questions? E-mail cpbusiness@trinity.edu.


Upcoming Career Services Events


CBS Radio Dallas internship Orientation
12/6/13 (Friday), 4-5 p.m., Dallas Texas
Students have the opportunity to learn about and apply for several internships available with the CBS Radio stations in Dallas and their departments for this spring. To attend this event students must R.S.V.P. by December 3 to dallasinterns@cbsradio.com.



Winter Break Making Connections (WBMC) 2014
Students can come meet and mingle with dynamic Trinity students and alumni from Texas and outside the Texas area! This is a great chance to extend their professional and personal networks with students and fellow alumni, learn more about potential career paths, and share words of advice. The goal of Making Connections is to allow alumni and student an opportunity to interact with each other, explore career opportunities in various fields of interest, and share in the common bond they have through Trinity University.



Winter Making Connections Schedule:
Houston - 1/8/2014 (Wednesday), 6 - 8 p.m.
Forth Worth - 1/9/2014 (Thursday), 6:30 - 8 p.m.
Dallas - 1/10/2014 (Friday), 6 - 8:30 p.m.
Austin - 1/11/2014 (Saturday), 3 - 5 p.m.

Outside of Texas Events
St. Louis- 1/5/2014 (Sunday), 3 - 5 p.m.

Atlanta - 1/6/2014 (Monday), 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
San Francisco Bay Area - 1/8/2014 (Wednesday), 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.
Colorado - 1/8/2014 (Wednesday) TBD
San Diego - 1/9/2014 (Thursday), 6 - 8 p.m.
Chicago - 1/11/14 (Saturday), 1 - 3 p.m.

New England - 1/11/14 (Saturday), 3 - 5 p.m.



Campus Spotlight

Source: University Communications

Student Communication

This section features e-mails that were sent to all students since the last TrinitE newsletter. These are shared with you for your information. By policy, students are responsible for information sent to them through e-mail, which serves as an official Trinity University communication tool -- because all students are assigned accounts. We want you to see what they have been sent.  (Click on each heading to read the full e-mail.)


Class of 2017
Important Facts about Grades

Informational Announcements

A Word from Chi Delta Tau

Current "Point-of-Sale" Server Down

San Antonio Symphony Young People's Concert
Re: Current "Point-of-Sale" Server Online

Spring 2014 Preregistration Checklist - Important!

International Business Day

Send in Your Applications for ASR Elections

Maintenance on TigerPAWs/Ellucian (Datatel) - Friday, November 1

Safety Alert: Flood Warning

ASR Funding Deadline

Re: ASR Funding Deadline

Last Day for ASR Applications

Reminder - Maintenance on TigerPAWs/Ellucian (Datatel) - Friday, November 1

Study Abroad Intent Form for 20104-2015

Fwd: IBD Event November 6

Fwd: Difficult Dialogues Call for Proposals

Tmail has a New Grid Icon for Common Products

New Trinity Website to Roll out Friday 11/08/13

Voting for ASR Elections

ASR Funding Request

R&R Marathon Event

Corporate Social Responsibility and Human Values Class
Put Trinity on the Map this Sunday!

Another Phishing Scam entitled, "Trinity University Account Alert"
Final Voting Opportunities for ASR
Fwd: R&R Marathon Event


The Difference

The difference between… The Trinity Parent and Family newsletter is an electronic newsletter that is distributed to parents of new students in the summer. The TrinitE Parent and Family electronic newsletter is sent to subscribers about every three weeks during the academic year. ParentTalk is an interactive listserv available to parents and family members. Participants must subscribe to this list, which allows parents to respond to posts submitted by others. It is a valuable list to utilize to pose questions about local services, parental dilemmas, general concerns, and inquiries.


November 15, 2013


November 15
- NCAA Women's Volleyball
   Regional Playoffs

November 15-17

- Theatre: Pippin

November 16
- NCAA Men's & Women's
  Soccer Playoffs
- Women's Basketball

November 17
- Trinity Experience Marathon

November 19
- Women's Basketball
- Clarinet Studio Recital

November 20 - 23

- Theatre: Pippin

November 21
- Women's Basketball

November 23

- Trinity in Focus

November 24
- Violin Studio Recital

November 27 - 29

- Thanksgiving break
   (offices closed 28 - 29)

November 30 - December 1
- Women's Basketball
  Thanksgiving Classic

December 4
- Men's & Women's

December 6
- Christmas Concert

December 8
- Christmas Vespers
- Open Houses on Oakmont

December 10
- Men's  Basketball

December 11 - 12
- Reading Days

December 13 - 19
- Final Exams

December 15
- German Christmas
  Candlelight Service

December 21
- Winter Commencement
- Residence Halls close at

December 22
Residence halls close at
  noon for graduating seniors









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