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Mane Event



Student Michaela Zapata, shown with an unidentified pony, takes a break from the rigors of academia.
The de-stress event, held on the Esplanade, was one of a series of programs over Mental Health Week,
an annual event sponsored by the Trinity Progressive organization.


Dean of Students


Division of Student Life Student Leadership Awards brings together student leaders, administration,
and family to celebrate the great work of Trinity students. 

Please view the Trinity University 2014-2015 Academic Calendar and the Long Range Planning Calendar (2014-2018).  The calendars can also be found on the Registrar's web page.


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Parent Giving Programs 


Greetings Trinity Parents,

Would you like to double your gift to Trinity? Well now you can! As this academic year wraps up, we are excited to announce the new 25K for 25K Parent Challenge, which gives you the opportunity to do just that! Ted Beneski, Trinity University parent and Board of Trustees member, has made a generous offer to match every gift from Trinity parents, dollar for dollar, until midnight on May 1 – up to $25,000 total.


May 1 is the last day of classes for Trinity students who have enjoyed a range of academic and extracurricular activities throughout the year, thanks in no small part to gifts from parents and alumni. Even full tuition at Trinity covers only 64% of the full Trinity experience. Please join Mr. Beneski in supporting all of the students who call Trinity home. You can help keep the full Trinity experience available to all of them. Give online at www.trinity.edu/parentgiving. Thank you, as always, for being involved and caring parents.
For more information about the Trinity Parent Giving Program, call or e-mail Tanya Johnson-Ruffin, director of parents giving programs, at 210-999-8438 or vjohnson@trinity.edu.


Counseling Services   


When First-year Students Come Home for the Summer

 In about a month, most first-year students will return home, and some parents and students may be in for a shock.  Many students will return home after living a college lifestyle quite different from the one they lived during high school.  For the past nine months, many students have had more freedom than they have ever known.  No curfew.  No “chores.”  No “bedtime.”  And soon they return home to parents who may have a curfew, house rules, and expectations of a sleep schedule that bears little resemblance to the wacky rhythms of college life. 


The bottom line is that the cultures of home and campus will collide this summer for some students and their parents.  Conflict can be reduced if there is communication and negotiation regarding needs and expectations early on.  Check out the online article “When College Kids Come Home for the Summer” for tips on ways to reduce misunderstandings and conflict.  


Career Services   


Experiential Learning: The New Summer Vacation

Where has the time gone? Trinity students are on the verge of completing this academic year. Each of them has learned a tremendous amount from a variety of experiences. While many of our students will be returning home to you, we certainly want them to maximize the time they are afforded this summer. We want them to engage in strategic experiential learning opportunities.


While simply securing a summer job is meaningful, it becomes much more beneficial if it relates directly to an industry that your child is considering for a career. They can continue making connections between classroom learning and potential career paths. Additionally, they can continue developing transferable skills that will help them be more marketable to future employers. Summer vacation is ideal for this because experiential learning is about more than working; it is about taking time to thoughtfully reflect on the impact of that work. Opportunities could include experiences gained from volunteering, job shadowing, interning, or working a summer job. I encourage you to talk with your sons and daughters about their activities. Help them make connections and draw conclusions so they will come away with a better understanding of who they are, what skills they have to offer, and the type of career they want to pursue (or don’t want to pursue). Likewise, remind them to come by Career Services so we can assist during this process as well.


--John Birch, Associate Director



Residential Life


Residence Hall Closing Information 

Residence halls close at noon on Thursday, May 14. Residents are expected to leave 24 hours after their last final. Only graduating seniors will be allowed to remain until noon on Sunday, May 17.  In addition to information on the Residential Life Web page, students will receive an e-mail to their Trinity e-mail address outlining check-out procedures.


Students living in the FIRST-YEAR AREA and SOPHOMORE COLLEGE will have floor meetings to discuss check-out. Residents must make an appointment (by Sunday, May 3) for a check-out time with their RA/RM.


Residents living in the UPPER-CLASS AREA (Isabel, Myrtle, Susanna, Lightner, Murchison, South or McLean) will have two check-out options. This applies to juniors and seniors.

1. REGULAR CHECK-OUT: Residents schedule an appointment (also by May 3) with the Hall Manager for an

appointment to check out.

2. EXPRESS CHECK-OUT: Residents still have the responsibility to complete all steps for check-out and turn in

their room key to the Witt Center between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. daily. By doing Express Check-out, students waive

all rights as they relate to dorm damage charges and will not be able to appeal charges. If students are

concerned about damages in the room, the Residential Life Office suggests that they DO NOT use Express



Residence Hall Opening in August

Next fall the residence halls will open for returning sophomores, juniors and seniors on Saturday, August 22, 2015.


Summer Storage Options

Does your student need to store belongings over the summer? Check out this list for locations near Trinity that offer short term storage.


Health Services


Student Health 101 - April Edition


You can read the April issue of the Parent Perspective online

You are also invited to read the accompanying Student Health 101 issue for our students online.

In April’s Student Health 101…

- Run for your life (literally): You gave us 7 ways fitness fixes (almost) everything
- What would you do with $2,500?: What would you do if you won April’s grand prize? Please share in this week’ poll!
- Finding yourself: 9 steps to sexual empowerment
- True grit: How to push through and move forward
- Hangnail or heart attack?: How to make sense of your symptoms online




The 2015 Mirage yearbook is printed and will be delivered to campus very soon. It is not too late to purchase this great history of the year through the bookstore (www.trinityuniv.bncollege.com). Students should watch the Trinitonian for yearbook delivery locations and times. Mirage staff will be at the graduation reception on the Esplanade distributing books from previous years to graduates. Questions: mirage@trinity.edu




Not in town for your student’s birthday? Get them a cake anyway! Go “Birthday Party Packages” on our new website! Since we have a new website, if you have previously created an account, you will need to create a new one.     



Is your student going to be a senior living off campus next year? Not a problem! Get ahead of the game and sign your student up for a commuter meal plan so they can eat on campus! Purchase one now under the “Shop” link on our new website!

We have several fun and exciting events happening this month. Check out the calendar on our website to view the schedule of events. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram! By following @TrinityUDining, you’ll receive updates on location closings, special deals for your students and more.

New nutritional information has been added to our online menu. You are now able to see if our items are vegan, vegetarian, low in sodium, fat free and much more. View daily menus under the “Eat Well” link.

Campus Spotlight

Source: University Communications

Student Communication

This section features e-mails that were sent to all students since the last TrinitE newsletter. These are shared with you for your information. By policy, students are responsible for information sent to them through e-mail, which serves as an official Trinity University communication tool -- because all students are assigned accounts. We want you to see what they have been sent.  (Click on each heading to read the full e-mail.)


Informational Announcements

Upcoming Mayoral Forum

Senior Roast

Alamo Stadium Closures

Fall/Summer 2015 Preregistration Checklist

Looking for a New Major Today Only?

Roast Reminder

Student-authored Survey Dealing with Sexual Assault and Related Issues

Mayoral Forum Reminder

Tobacco Survey


The Difference

The difference between… The Trinity Parent and Family newsletter is an electronic newsletter that is distributed to parents of new students in the summer. The TrinitE Parent and Family electronic newsletter is sent to subscribers about every three weeks during the academic year. ParentTalk is an interactive listserv available to parents and family members. Participants must subscribe to this list, which allows parents to respond to posts submitted by others. It is a valuable list to utilize to pose questions about local services, parental dilemmas, general concerns, and inquiries.


April 10, 2015


April 10
- Softball

April 11
- Softball
- Women's Tennis

April 12

- Concert: Jazz Ensemble

April 13 - 28
- Fall Pre-registration

April 17 - 25
- Theatre: Three Sisters

April 18
- Baseball

April 19
- Concert: Trinity Handbell
- Baseball

April 25
- Baseball

April 26
- Baseball

April 28
- Baseball

May 4 - 5
- Reading Days

May 5
- Residential Life Late Night
   Breakfast at 11:55 p.m.

May 6 - 12
- Final Exams

May 14
- Residence Halls close at
  noon  (students are to leave
  within 24  hours of their last
  final exam)

Twilight at Trinity - Senior

May 15

- Baccalaureate Vespers

May 16
- Spring Commencement

May 17

- Residence halls close at
  noon for seniors who
  graduated the day before







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