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Work hard, play hard, nap hard





This is exactly what we purchased these chairs for. Because many  college students still don't have fully developed brains -- and also  possess unusual sleep rhythms -- they sometimes just fall asleep. We accommodate them.


Perhaps these students were simply exhausted from mid-terms or social activities. In any case, this was before spring break and hopefully most are well-rested for the stretch run of the semester.


I can't judge, because I can nap with the best of them.  (I am also waiting for my brain to develop.)  I usually do it in private, however.


I hope to see some of you, awake and alert, over Spring Family Weekend.




Mr. David M. Tuttle
Associate Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students

Please view the Trinity University 2014-2015 Academic Calendar and the Long Range Planning Calendar (2014-2018).  The calendars can also be found on the Registrar's web page.


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Spring Family Weekend



3 Things you should know about Spring Family Weekend!


 1.There is no formal online registration however stop by Coates University Center to sign in, pick up a program and grab a cup of joe before starting your day! The Family Weekend Welcome Team is happy to provide directions or answer questions.


2. Many faculty members have invited parents to visit their classes on Friday March 27. Visit the Family Weekend website to view and print a copy of the full list of open classes.


3. This year's Spring Family Weekend is full of great programming from award ceremonies, student entertainment, parent volunteer opportunities, parent leadership council meet & greet and much more. The weekend concludes with the popular Síclovía community event!


See you soon!



Mid-term Grades

Mid-term grades (grades of D and F) have been sent to students. Not all faculty members send mid-term grade reports: In other words, students may ultimately do poorly in some classes from which they did not receive mid-term grade reports. I encourage you to ask your son or daughter if they received any grade reports. They can talk you through how to access this information online, but will need to share their password with you. March 26 is the last day to drop a class


Counseling Services   

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Sexual assault is a difficult subject to think about and talk about. Yet it is a harsh reality among both male and female students, even at Trinity. Thus, I offer this advice: If your child ever confides that s/he has been sexually assaulted, two things are critically important when you respond. First, listen empathically to convey that you are willing to listen nonjudgmentally and offer support throughout the healing process. This includes affirming that the assault is not your child's fault and that you are available to talk at any time. Second, it is essential that s/he have as much control as possible in handling the events following the assault. This pertains to everything from how much information s/he chooses to share with you to decisions about whether to pursue any disciplinary or judicial action about the assault. For more information about helping a son or daughter who has been sexually assaulted, click here, and visit Trinity’s Sexual Assault website. Survivors of sexual assault may wish to make an appointment with a counselor at Counseling Services or take advantage of the services offered by the San Antonio Rape Crisis Center.

--Kristin Eisenhauer, Ph.D., Psychologist

Career Services   


Get What You Pay For: The Education and the Network
As parents and professionals, we have all heard at one time or another that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know that really matters. In truth, both understanding content and knowing people are necessary in order to succeed. With that in mind, Career Services and Alumni Relations are piloting a new tool through which students can engage with Trinity University alumni. It's called TRINITYCONNECT. 100 alumni have already volunteered to share information pertaining to their specific industry, critique résumés, and conduct mock interviews. Ultimately, this is just another way that your students can benefit from working with Career Services.

Your sons and daughters have already received a message about this tool. However, as the semester gets closer to its end, students will be busy with exams, sporting events, or just hanging out with friends before departing campus for the summer. Take a moment to remind them to reach out to alumni through this site. All they need is to paste the link below in their browser and use their Trinity e-mail credentials to log-in. Should they have any questions, I am happy to speak with them and help them take advantage of a professional network that has insight and experience to share with them.

The link is:

--John Birch, Associate Director



Residential Life

Room Reservations

Residence hall room reservations for the 2015-201 academic year will be the week of March 30 - April 2.  Students have received an e-mail from the Residential Life Office with complete instructions. There will be a roommate mixer for students looking for a roommate on Wednesday, March 25. Please note that by the end of the room reservation process, some current students will find that there are no more rooms available. This is typical. By the time the halls open in August, all students who are on the wait list will be assigned rooms.


Moving On Out: Apartment Fair
Is your rising senior thinking of moving off campus? Encourage them to attend Residential Life's annual Apartment Fair from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m., Friday, March 20th on the Esplanade.  Representatives from nearby apartment complexes will be in one place to offer information, answer questions, and give your student the tools to prosper off campus.


Residence Hall Closing in May
The residence halls will close at noon on Thursday, May 14, for all first-year, sophomore, and junior students. Graduating seniors are permitted to remain in the residence halls until noon on Sunday, May 17.

Residence Hall Opening in August
Next fall the residence halls will open for sophomores, juniors and seniors on Saturday, August 22.


Health Services


Student Health 101 - March Edition


You can read the March issue of the Parent Perspective online

You are also invited to read the accompanying Student Health 101 issue for our students online.

The March issue includes the following articles:
- Cherish Your Sleep: Take back the night
- Everyone's Issue:
How we can all help prevent sexual assault
- Grocery Store Hacks:
How to shop like a boss
- And much more…

Hours during Easter Holiday

Health Services will be closed April 3, 4 and 5 for the Easter Holiday.  Students requiring information about self care or urgent care can find this information on the Health Services web site, FAQs,




Parents of Graduating Seniors:

Congratulations! In 58 days your child will be graduating from Trinity University, and we look forward to your participation in commencement activities. We want to share with you the schedule of events in order to assist your family’s planning for this special weekend of May 15 and 16, 2015. We also want to communicate what you can expect during the commencement weekend, how best to navigate the campus, where to park, and most important, where to meet up with your graduate following the ceremony. Read more.

Campus Spotlight

Source: University Communications

Student Communication

This section features e-mails that were sent to all students since the last TrinitE newsletter. These are shared with you for your information. By policy, students are responsible for information sent to them through e-mail, which serves as an official Trinity University communication tool -- because all students are assigned accounts. We want you to see what they have been sent.  (Click on each heading to read the full e-mail.)


Class of 2015

Teach for America - Final Application Deadline

Class of 2018
Chance to Win a $50 Gift Card--help us to improve Sexual Assault Awareness Programming

Informational Announcements

Community Crime Alert

Princeton Review Student Survey

Student Performance of Vagina Monologues

CSI Grand Opening Party Reminder

REMINDER: Princeton Review Student Survey

Ending Rape: A Social Change Approach and Forum on Sexual Assault

Computer Security Alert: Ransomware, CryptoWare, CryptoLocker

Saturday Admissions Open House

Community Crime Alert 3-2-15

Forum on Sexual Assault, Tomorrow

Emergency Incident on Campus Earlier Today

Emergency Incident Update

Support Related to Dr. Kearl
Regarding the Passing of Dr. Kearl

Weather Alert

Community Crime Alert - Update - 3-4-15

A New Trinity App

March Class Newsletter

Michael C. Kearl: Celebration of Life, 5 p.m., March 24

The Expositor

Tour Guide Application Email

Alamo Stadium Closures
Saturday Admissions Program


The Difference

The difference between… The Trinity Parent and Family newsletter is an electronic newsletter that is distributed to parents of new students in the summer. The TrinitE Parent and Family electronic newsletter is sent to subscribers about every three weeks during the academic year. ParentTalk is an interactive listserv available to parents and family members. Participants must subscribe to this list, which allows parents to respond to posts submitted by others. It is a valuable list to utilize to pose questions about local services, parental dilemmas, general concerns, and inquiries.


March 20, 2015


March 24
- Baseball
- Softball

March 26

- Last Day Undergraduate

March 27 - 29
- Spring Family Weekend

March 27
- Track & Field
- Men's & Women's Tennis
- Softball
- Concert: Spring Choral

March 28
- Men's Tennis
- Softball

March 30
- Room Reservation
  process begins

March 31
- Softball

April 1
- Baseball
- Softball

April 2
- DeCoursey Lecture:
  Jocelyn Bell Burnell

April 3
- Good Friday Holiday; No
   classes, University  offices
   are closed

April 7
- Softball

April 12
- Concert: Jazz Ensemble

April 13 - 28
- Fall Pre-registration




TrinitE Parent Updates

Next TrinitE Parent:
April 10

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