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Olivia Mulder and Sarah Spence share a hammock on upper-campus as friend Meredith Goshell looks on.

This photo is perfect for the Parent newsletter. It reflects all that can be good about the college experience: friends hanging out, doing something a little different (they did hang their own hammock on upper campus), enjoying the outdoors, and attracting others to come check them out and visit. They are even doing homework in the hammock. 

Maybe these students have stretches that are not so idyllic. Indeed, the college experience is a roller coaster of experiences and emotions for everyone. We all know there are stumbles, struggles failures, disappointments, and frustrations. We know, if we follow the news, that some students are overly-privileged, that they don't respect others, and sometimes do things in violation of taste, sense, policy, and the law. Hopefully for most students, most of the time, things are mostly good and they are learning, developing, growing, and connecting

In the end, we mostly want what we see in this photo. We want them to succeed, have fun, and get the most out of college. We want the best for our kids. Simply.




Mr. David M. Tuttle
Associate Vice President for Student Affairs/Dean of Students

Please view the Trinity University 2014-2015 Academic Calendar and the Long Range Planning Calendar (2014-2018).  The calendars can also be found on the Registrar's web page.


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Parent Giving Programs 

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to show the ones you love how much you care, so why not show the same love to Trinity this Valentine’s season? Tomorrow is the last day to participate in our Share the Love campaign, which means that you can show Trinity how much you appreciate this school’s unique experience by making a donation to the Parents Fund. With a gift of $50 or more, you also get the opportunity to send a Valentine’s e-card to a Trinity staff or faculty member who has made a difference in your child’s Trinity experience!


The Trinity experience encompasses much more than just going to class. It includes everything from a variety of on-campus clubs to athletic events to the overall sense of community that our students here enjoy. Trinity tuition only covers 64% of the full college experience, but with your gift you can ensure that 100% of the Trinity experience continues to be available to 100% of our students. Every gift enriches your child’s time here at Trinity. Take it one step further this month by joining our Share the Love campaign!

Counseling Services   

How to Encourage Your Child to Seek Counseling

At some point during your child’s college career, you may get the feeling that s/he may benefit from meeting with a counselor at Counseling Services.  Indeed, I receive several phone calls a semester from parents who want to know how to make that suggestion without ruffling their child’s feathers.  Here is my advice:


First, let your son or daughter know that you are concerned about his or her welfare, that you want to be supportive, and that there is wisdom in seeking help from someone with expertise about his/her issue.  Indicate that a counselor may help him or her work through the situation more effectively.  Read more.

--Kristin Eisenhauer, Ph.D., Psychologist

Career Services   

Connecting Your Students with the Outside World

Career Services facilitates relationships for students with employers, graduate school recruiters and fellow alumni. Please encourage your student to take advantage of the following opportunities:

-   Career Panels: Your student can learn how Trinity alumni carved their career paths with their Trinity degrees. Spring semester panels will focus on Economics (March 4), the Humanities (April 7) and the Health Professions (TBD)

Making Connections: Students from the New England area, or who are willing to travel there during spring break, have the opportunity to attend a Making Connections event with the alumni chapter in Newton, Massachusetts on Sunday, March 8.

-    Trinity Connect: Your student can receive advice, coaching and prep from Trinity alumni, who have opted into the Trinity Connect program. These alumni are willing to mentor your student through career conversations, resume critiques and/or mock interviews.

If your student has any questions about these events and opportunities, he or she may contact Career Services at careerservices@trinity.edu or 210-999-8321.


Chocolate Festival



The Student Programming Board hosted an all campus Chocolate Festival this afternoon on the
Coates Esplanade.  Students enjoyed eating chocolate, participating in the student organization
chocolate creation competition, listening to a live musician, and hanging out with LeeRoy.


Fraternity & Sorority Life  

The fraternity & sorority community welcomed 129 women and 66 men into thirteen organizations for 2015.
 Pictured above are Gamma Chi Delta members Kimi Siu, Anna Butler, and Gamma Chi Delta new
member Thea Hesson.  (Photo courtesy of Ahn-Viet Dinh)


Health Services


Student Health 101 - February Edition


You can read the February issue of the Parent Perspective online

You are also invited to read the accompanying Student Health 101 issue for our students online.

The February issue includes the following articles:
- What Workout Should I do Today?
- How to get Hold of Your Anxiety?
- Up in Smoke:  Two experts Debate Marijuana Legislation
- Is this a Toxic Friendship?
- Clarifying Consent







Save the Date

Spring Family Weekend

March 27 - 29



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Full Schedule


Parents of Seniors -
Countdown to Commencement

2/17/2015 - 2/18/2015, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m., Fiesta Room

Has your senior ordered their cap and gown? Selected graduation announcements? Scheduled a time for senior portraits?  If you answered no to any of these questions, do not stress.  We have a one-stop-shop opportunity for seniors to complete preparations for commencement, and it will only take them 30 minutes.


Students will be able to purchase a class ring, order a diploma frame, and get some fun freebies and prizes along the way.  They will also receive information about their student accounts, financial aid, transcripts, and more.  Encourage your senior to attend the Countdown to Commencement event in the Fiesta Room on Tuesday or Wednesday, February 17-18 any time between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. For information on additional senior events go to trinity.edu/seniors.

Ring Sales

Tuesday, February 17 and Wednesday, February 18 from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

By having at least 73 credit hours students are eligible to participate in a Trinity Tradition - the Trinity Ring Ceremony being held during Spring Family Weekend on Saturday, March 28 at 1:30 p.m.   An official ring sales representative will be attending Countdown to Commencement in the Fiesta Room to assist with the ring selection, sizing and any additional questions.


Trinity Parents - A Reception with Professor Arturo Madrid on February 26, 2015 in Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Albuquerque chapter of the Trinity University Alumni Association cordially invites you to a reception with Arturo Madrid, Ph.D. followed by a reading from his family memoir.  Click here for more information.

Trinity Chamber Singers West Coast Tour
The Trinity University Chamber Singers, conducted by Dr. Gary Seighman, are presenting concerts on the West Coast March 6 - 14 during Spring Break.  Selections will include works by Arvo Pärt, Juan Gutierrez de Padilla, Jaakko Mäntyjärvi, Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, newly-commissioned works, and well-known arrangements and spirituals.

Please join Trinity University’s premiere choral ensemble as they perform a wide variety of selections and collaborate with local choirs on their West Coast Tour.  Click here to view dates and locations.



The Winter 2015 issue of Trinity magazine is available online.

Visit magazine.trinity.edu to read more.




Campus Spotlight

Source: University Communications

Student Communication

This section features e-mails that were sent to all students since the last TrinitE newsletter. These are shared with you for your information. By policy, students are responsible for information sent to them through e-mail, which serves as an official Trinity University communication tool -- because all students are assigned accounts. We want you to see what they have been sent.  (Click on each heading to read the full e-mail.)

Class of 2018
Important--your feedback needed


Informational Announcements

Update on Facilities Projects

Saturday Admissions Open House

Fall Conduct Report and More on Sexual Assault Policy

Doris Kearns Goodwin Lecture

Test of the TrinAlert and VoIP Emergency Notification Systems

Name for New Curriculum

Major/Minor Declarations
CSI Launch Party

Saturday Admissions Open House
Thomas L. Koppenheffer


The Difference

The difference between… The Trinity Parent and Family newsletter is an electronic newsletter that is distributed to parents of new students in the summer. The TrinitE Parent and Family electronic newsletter is sent to subscribers about every three weeks during the academic year. ParentTalk is an interactive listserv available to parents and family members. Participants must subscribe to this list, which allows parents to respond to posts submitted by others. It is a valuable list to utilize to pose questions about local services, parental dilemmas, general concerns, and inquiries.


February 13, 2015


February 13
- Chocolate Festival
- Men's & Women's

uary 14
- Trinity in Focus
- Men's Tennis
- Men's & Women's

February 17 - 18
- Countdown to
- Concert: SOLI Chamber

February 20
- Ribbon Cutting for CSI
- Theatre: Anna in the
 opening night

February 21
- Baseball
- Men's & Women's

February 22
- Baseball

February 24
- Baseball

February 28
- Baseball
- Track & Field

March 1
- Concert: Symphonic Wind

March 4
- Stieren Lecture: Dr. Adrian

March 5
- Baseball

March 6
- Men's & Women's Tennis
- Softball

March 7 - 8
- Softball

March 7 - 15
- Spring break; offices open

March 13 - 14
- Baseball

March 17
- Mid-term Grades Due
- Baseball

March 26
- Last Day Undergraduate

March 27 - 29
- Spring Family Weekend





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