Special Topic in Urban Studies: Urban Education
Sophomore/Junior Tutorial
Applied Research Methods II
Comparative Urban Governance
Introduction to Human Geography
Urbanization: Concepts and Realities
Sociology of Health and Illness
The City in History
Urban Systems
Social Inequality
Senior Seminar in Urban Studies
Urban Geography
Urban Studies and GIS
Economics and the Environment
Urban Economics

Core Curriculum

Our Urban Studies major is structured around three core classes that allow students to gain a richer appreciation of the discipline, its major texts, central arguments, and critical perspectives. These three courses prepare students for their post-graduate years, whether they attend graduate school or enter the workforce.

R Butler

Areas of Concentration

In addition to the core classes, students must complete seven classes in one of three areas of concentration. Each of these concentrations is designed to make more complex studentsí understanding of particular aspects of the urban experience.

Graduate Study

Students interested in graduate study in Urban Studies, or a related field, are strongly encouraged to take these courses.

Full Curriculum Details