Special Topic in Urban Studies: Urban Education
Sophomore/Junior Tutorial
Applied Research Methods II
Comparative Urban Governance
Introduction to Human Geography
Urbanization: Concepts and Realities
Sociology of Health and Illness
The City in History
Urban Systems
Social Inequality
Senior Seminar in Urban Studies
Urban Geography
Urban Studies and GIS
Economics and the Environment
Urban Economics

Comparative Urban Governance

  • Schedule  MWF 10:30-11:20AM
  • Room      SML 103

Cross-national analyses of the evolution of current functions and structures of city governments; bureaucratic power and other contemporary issues in urban governance; political parties and associations, interest groups, and citizen participation in urban politics; business and third sector involvement in urban governance; and recurring patterns in the political policy outputs of major institutions involved in urban governance. (Also listed as PLSI 3316.)

Serbia and Montenegro Flags

Serbia and Montenegro established independence on April 27, 1992. Chief of State Svetozar Marovic was elected to a four year term by the Parliament on March 7, 2003. 16 year olds may vote if employed. *