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Because its focus on urbanization is shaped by several academic disciplines, the concentration in Urban Studies prepares students for work in a number of different fields, whether oriented towards the public or private sectors or towards advanced study. It will be especially useful for students interested in urban planning or historical preservation, or related activities. It may also be of great use to those who are considering an advance professional degree such as law, or who expect to enter urban-centered occupations such as business, teaching, or journalism.

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Urban Studies as a field of inquiry seeks to understand the global phenomenon of urbanization - how the scale and consequences of urban life are factors in the lives of individuals and societies on every continent, and how cultures and societies have been historically influenced by urbanization. Students can earn either a major or minor in Urban Studies. Urban Studies is an interdisciplinary curriculum in the tradition of liberal arts education designed to increase studentsí understanding of major urban influences in their lives, as citizens of an urban nation and as residents of an increasingly urbanized world.

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Urban Studies students have the opportunity to engage in student research in upper- division classes, independent studies, and the required major seminar. They are also strongly encouraged to undertake internships available throughout San Antonio in its museums, city departments, and national historic landmarks, among many other opportunities.


In 1923 there were 16,000 taxicabs. In 1933 there were 19,000 taxicabs in New York. Today there are 12,187 taxicabs in New York. *