A summary of internal audit activities is presented to the Board of Trustees (3) times yearly.  An oral presentation is made to the joint meeting of the Fiscal Affairs Committee and the Building and Grounds Committee of the Board of Trustees. A proposed list of internal audit activities is presented to the Board each May that is developed from an internal audit risk analysis model.  The Chairman of the Audit Committee - Board of Trustees and the President are briefed orally when significant internal control weakness or fraud is discovered.

The President is briefed on an as needed basis.  Significant internal control weaknesses are discussed.  When senior management requests an audit be performed that has not been Board approved the President is briefed and he decides whether to audit the area/activity and when.  The President gives the internal auditor permission to audit areas not previously approved by the Board.  The internal auditor requests from the President areas/activities of concern which he would like reviewed.

The internal auditor has become the curator for works of art that are owned by Trinity University as a result of a special request from the Board of Trustees.

The internal auditor coordinates the procedures used to gather the annual Board of Trustee conflict of interest disclosure statements. The internal auditor maintains the return documentation for each member of the Board of Trustees for the Board Secretary.

The internal auditor has been trained by the external auditors,  Ernst & Young LLP.  The internal auditor attended ACL training to better assist the external auditors in performing computerized schedules to be used during the annual financial statement review.  The internal auditor has been treated as a team player.  All fund groups have been reviewed by the internal auditor.  The internal auditor performs the compliance work for the annual federal contract/grant and student financial aid audit, OMB A-133.  The internal auditor performs the compliance work for the VEBA audit (insurance provider) for the external auditors.

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