The internal auditor is authorized to develop and direct a broad comprehensive program of internal auditing within Trinity University. Internal auditing examines and evaluates the adequacy and effectiveness of the systems of management control provided by the university to direct its activities toward the accomplishment of its objectives in accordance with university policies and plans.  The internal auditor is authorized to have full, free, and unrestricted access to all university functions, records, property, and personnel.

Responsibility - the internal auditor is responsible for:
Developing and executing a comprehensive audit program for the evaluation of the management controls provided over all university activities.

Examining the effectiveness of all levels of management in their stewardship of university resources and their compliance with established policies and procedures.

Recommending improvement of management controls designed to safeguard university resources, promote university growth, and ensure compliance with government laws and regulations.

Reviewing procedures and records for their adequacy to accomplish intended objectives, and appraising policies and plans relating to the activity or function under review.

Writing audit reports on the results of audit examinations, including recommendations for improvement.

Appraising the adequacy of the action taken by operating management to correct reported deficient conditions;  accepting adequate corrective action; continuing reviews with appropriate management personnel on action the internal auditor considers inadequate until there has been a satisfactory resolution of the matter.

Conducting special examinations at the request of management, including the reviews of representations made by persons outside the university.

The internal auditor cannot assume responsibility for fraud detection or prevention; but is expected to maintain an alertness to inadequate controls.

NOTE:  The internal audit charter was approved by the Board of Trustees - Audit Committee on October 10, 1985 page 472 of the Minutes of the Trinity Board of Trustees 1985.

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