The whistle-blower act 1985 protects you from your employer or supervisor from discriminating against you if you were to turn in any employee for wrongful acts. Trinity University has a conflict of interest policy that applies to all employees including the Board of Trustees.  Trinity University supports ethical business practices and management directives are given to university employees to help prevent putting the university at risk and disclose what are illegal acts.  The management of Trinity University does have the right to review any and all university computer activities including e-mail, key strokes and uses that do not coincide with the mission of Trinity University.  The internal auditor can be reached at (210) 999-7388 or fax (210) 999-8190.  The hours of the internal auditor are from 8-5 M-F.  The internal auditor is a one man office and if you do not find him in please try again. 

The internal auditor e-mail address is

I am not a policeman.  You may report illegal acts anonymously.

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