Information for Prospective Research Students   last update 12/1/10     

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I am always interested in finding new students to work in my lab! New students are welcome to join my group as early as their first semester at Trinity. Several students have successfully done this in the past. I have also worked with four high school students in the past and so those opportunities may also be available. Those interested in more information are encouraged to stop by my office, send me some email, or talk to some of my current students (they are listed on the lab group site). 


To date, 83 students have participated in research in my lab. 

33 of these student are co-authors on 12 peer reviewed publications.

Students have given 72 presentations at regional, national or international meetings based on their work in lab. Many of these presentations have earned awards. 


Many former research students have gone on to graduate school or medical school. Some places students in my lab have ended up are listed below. One of these days I may find the time to set up a 'group alumni' info page!


Graduate Schools:

University of California at San Francisco - Biochemistry

Johns Hopkins University - Biochemistry and Chemistry

University of Kansas 

University of Washington 

Southwestern (MD/PhD)

Washington University


UC Berkeley (Chem E.)

UT Austin


Medical Schools:

University of Texas at San Antonio






George Washington law school, Trinity Health Care Administration, brokerage firms, Sandia National Labs, Shire Pharmaceutical, Merck Company


Summer research positions! are available every May and run through July. The session runs for 10 weeks and pays $3,500 and up depending on the funding source. Students with one year of college level chemistry can be considered for positions. I have also taken on high school students in the past. Please come see me if you are at all interested in spending the summer in my lab. We have a great time and you are guaranteed to learn a lot!


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