Teaching Info.        last update 9/07/09


Courses I often teach or have taught in the past (some more often than others!):
Analytical Chemistry (3432) -- current
Advanced Analytical Methods (4242)
-- current

Other courses I have taught, either once, several times in the past, or on an infrequent basis:
Analytical Chemistry (3332)
Instrumental Analysisi I and II (4241 and 4243)
Biochemistry Lab (3231)
Chemistry in the Modern World (1318)
first year laboratories (1118, 2119)
Majors Seminar (4194)
The Chemistry of Crime (1301)
The Chemistry of Art (1305)
Chemistry for the Studio Artist (2305)
First Year Seminar: Science and Religion (GNED 1301) or Of Gods, Scientists, and Monsters (GNED 1300)

Additional information on some of these courses can be found in the links on my home page.  If you are interested on more detailed information on any of the courses you may contact me or also try accessing the descriptions through the course catalog.

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