Johnson Lab
Trinity University

Lizard behavioral evolution

Johnson Lab
Trinity University

Lizard behavioral evolution

Welcome to the Johnson Lab!
Michele A. Johnson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Trinity University
Department of Biology
One Trinity Place
San Antonio, TX 78212

Office: 216 Cowles Life Science
Phone: 210-999-8918
Email: michele.johnson [at]

How does behavior evolve? We're interested in the ecological factors that influence social behaviors and the physiological mechanisms that underlie those behaviors.  Most of our work uses lizards in the genus Anolis, or anoles, but we're also beginning to explore the diversity of lizards that occur at our local field sites in south-central Texas.  We use field observations, laboratory experiments, molecular genetics, neuroendocrine techniques, and comparative methodology to explore behavioral evolution.
Lab News - we've been busy!!

May 2014 - Jamal Murray, Michelle Oberndorf, Jake Stercula, Bonnie Kircher, and Michele Johnson are heading to Puerto Rico to study anole behavior and morphology.

May 2014 - Welcome to Brittney Andre, new research technician in the lab!

May 2014 - Seniors Jordan Bush and Chris Robinson have been awarded Biology departmental honors for their theses in the lab!

April 2014 - Junior Lauren Davis has been awarded a Sigma Xi GIAR and a Mach Fellowship from Trinity University to support her research on invasive lizard brain and behavior.

May 2013 - We're funded!! Michele Johnson has been awarded a four-year grant from the National Science Foundation entitled "Behavioral convergence in Caribbean lizards: morphological and physiological mechanisms."

Updated May 2014
Anolis evermanni, Puerto Rico
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Johnson lab group, May 2014
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