Johnson Lab
Trinity University

Lizard behavioral evolution

Dr. Michele Johnson
I am an assistant professor interested in evolutionary biology, behavioral ecology, and behavioral neuroscience.  I completed my PhD in 2007 with Jonathan Losos and Alan Templeton at Washington University, and conducted postdoctoral research with Juli Wade at Michigan State.  Click here to see my CV.


Anolis evermanni, Puerto Rico
Interested in joining the lab?  I am always looking for motivated undergraduates interested in field- or lab-based research on lizard behavior.  If you think this might be you, read the lab website carefully and email me with a description of yourself and why you're interested in the lab.
Johnson Lab HALL OF FAME
Terrin Blackmon
Terrin was a McNair Scholar who completed a degree in Biology. Her research in the lab focused on the relationship between behavior and temperature in Texas spiny lizards (Sceloporus olivaceus). Terrin is now pursuing a master's degree in Public Health.
Chris Robinson
Chris graduated with honors in Biology for his research on the associations between the modes of lizard communiation and the evolution of their brain morphology. After sharpening his skills as a lab technician, he plans to attend graduate school in evolutionary biology.
Jordan Bush
Jordan double-majored in Biology and Mathematics, and she received Honors for her thesis work on dominance ranking in both of these majors.  As an undergrad, Jordan also worked through the Integrated Research in Biology and Math program to develop a model of lizard metabolism.  She's now pursuing a Ph.D. in ecology at the University of Tennessee.
McKenzie Quinn
McKenzie is a senior Biology major, and she is a part of the Integrated Research in Biology and Mathematics program.  Her research has focused on determining a model of lizard metabolism, and understanding the fitness impacts of tail loss in lizards. She plans to attend medical school after graduation.
Bonnie Kircher
Bonnie is our technician extraordinaire. She graduated from Grinnell College with degrees in Biology and Music, and joined the lab in November 2012.  Bonnie manages all aspects of our lab's research, and her recent work has focused on protein expression and enzyme activity in lizard muscles.  Bonnie will attend graduate school at the University of Florida, focusing her studies on the evolution of development.
Jamal Murray
Jamal is a junior at Trinity, majoring in Biochemistry.  Jamal's project in the lab focuses on sexual selection and reproductive morphologies in anole lizards.  He's considering attending medical school after graduation.
Alyssa Fink
Alyssa is a senior Biology major and Beckman scholar, and (in collaboration with Dr. David Ribble) she is using population genetics to study the effectiveness of urban greenways for Texas spiny lizard dispersal. She plans to attend graduate school in conservation biology after graduation.
Lauren Davis
Lauren is a senior double-majoring in Biology and Environmental Studies.  Her thesis work in the lab investigates whether brain morphology is associated with invasive species biology in Texas lizards.
Michelle Oberndorf
Michelle is a senior Biology major studying the evolutionary relationships between muscle physiology and locomotor behaviors in lizards. She's planning to pursue a graduate degree in physical therapy after graduation.
Jake Stercula
Jake is a junior at Trinity, majoring in Neuroscience.  Jake is studying the association between body temperature and brain lipid composition in anoles, and you can always find him in the lab!
Brittney Andre
Brittney graduated from Michigan State University in May 2014 with a degree in Zoology.  She's just joined our lab as a research technician!