Sociology 2306 Group Projects

Each term that this social psychology course is taught there is one overarching theme which also is the topic area for group research projects.  During the Fall 2003 semester this theme involved the times of our lives.

The following,  from the course syllabus, lays out the research problem and possible lines of research:

All social events occur in time, which gives them organization and meaning.  Making matters interesting, as Professor Wendy Griswold notes, “Time and space are products of the social mind, not pre-existing givens.”  Further, with social evolution, lives are less lived according to natural rhythms (e.g., the cycles of day and night, or the seasonal cycles of the year) and increasingly are governed by man-made times (e.g., bureaucratic deadlines, family “quality time”).  Together we will explore the temporalities of individuals, interpersonal relationships, organizations, and cultures.  Each of these has its own

Here are the summaries of the groups' presentations:

Cultural Times
Marching to a Different Beat: Music Across Generations
Women and the Social Clock of Marriage
Punctuality Norms
Temporal Types of Selves
Talkin' 'bout the Generations

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