Only a century ago, death was common to the average man.  Times have changed, however, as life expectancy has greatly increased and, death is far removed from our everyday lives.  Instead, it has now become hidden, as our society has evolved into a death-denying culture. Through this webpage, we will bring you into the lives of professionals who face death on a daily basis.  We will show you the negative stereotypes that come attached to their profession and the reality of these so-called “death professionals.”

Funeral Directors
We think they're weird, creepy, deceiving, money hungry, unprofessional.
But ... what do they think?
Nursing Home Caregivers
We think they're uncaring (toward life and death).  We think they're neglecting.  We think they're money hungry.
But ... what do they think?
Medical Doctors
We think they're unfeeling toward death.  We think they're arrogant toward our feelings.
But ... what do they think?
Law Enforcement
We honor them for their ability to 'kill' the 'bad guy.'  We mourn and honor them when they are killed in duty.   We think they can handle it all (i.e. death).
But ... what do they think?
U.S. Military
We call them heroes.  We honor them lavishly with awards and medals.  We call them warriors.  We call them brutish death machines, and we love them even more.
But ... what do they think?

"Death Professionals"
Spring Semester Group Project
Dr. Kearl - Death & Dying
Trinity University
April 2002

Kristen Carney - Stephanie Grusy - Nancy Liu - Heather Mitchell - Katherine Wheeler