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Different cities tend have their own slight differences in their common Goth fashions. Clubs and concerts in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, San Diego, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Salt Lake City. There are differences between the scenes in these cities, especially in the way people dance and their style.



For girls, some common Goth looks are:


•Fishnet tights

•Pointy toed shoes, combat boots, high heels, heeled boots…

•Piercing or tattoos

•Cleavage-enhancing corset top with long flowing skirts

•Crushed velvet dress with heels or boots

•Bondage Gear, spikes or studs

•Ratted up Hair, red or black lipstick, black makeup for the eyes, pointed angles

•Lingerie that shows

•Dracula Influence/ Death Angel Influence


For guys, some common Goth looks are:


•Anything black

•Dyed hair, black and white make-up

•Spikes, studs, chains and leather jackets or black vinyl or trench coats

•Bondage or Fetish Fashion

•Ankh (Egyptian Symbol for every lasting life) or Pentacle (Pagan Symbol)

•Dracula Influence/ Death Angel Influence

•White shirts, black pants, black vest and combat boots

•Some guys wear make-up, dresses, corsets and heels – although they are not trying to look like women they like to show they are open mined or challenge gender social barriers.  



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