How do religions differ in their funerary rituals and in their use of
death fears as mechanisms of social control?
"We have our being in a life that we know; we are struck down into a death that we can only surmise."  --Needham, 1970

Religion has played an important role in assisting people with their understandings of death.  In our research we have examined in detail the ideas of the Catholic, Mormon, and Jewish faiths in relation to death.
Barbara Francis
Lindsey Haussamen
Christy Kemp
Sara McClean
Carrie Sanford

Death and Dying, Spring 2002

Trinity University, Dr. Kearl
So a Catholic Priest, a Mormon President, and a Jewish Rabbi
walk into a bar...

Here's what they had to say about death.
After listening to the conversations of these three religious leaders, we have made some interpretations on religion's use of death fears as a mechanism of social control.
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