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Skulls and Skeletons in art

Throughout history, images and representations of skulls and skeletons have been seen in art all across the world. Yet when one looks more closely at the progression of these images throughout time, specifically the 20th century, it becomes evident that skeletons have become steadily more frequent in art, and thus have come to have less of an impact on the viewer as was originally the case an almost desensitization of the representation of death. World War II and its skeleton related propaganda brought a new appearance of skeletons to the art world, and the modern art era utilized this new appearance, incorporating skulls into all sorts of art. Skeletal art is not limited to the United States, however, and is in fact more prevalent in greater death-accepting societies like Mexico. Wherever skeletons show up in art, they are a constant and obvious reminder of man's most tangible aspect - our mortality.