Home Schooling in America

By: Ben Siminou, Jennifer Lilly, Jessica Palmer, Justin Arthrell, Carrie Sanford


    Home schooling started out as almost the exclusive means to education in early America.  Through the years, due to changes in policy and the evolution of the public school system, the popularity of home schooling has been increasing.

    Home schooling is basically when the parent takes on the role of their child's educator, moving the educational process out of the school setting and into the home.  It should be noted that "home schooling" is not a uniform event and varies in time commitment, curriculum, philosophy of learning, and how much each parent commits to the process.  Parents, in response to the changes mentioned above, feel that it is their right to assume the responsibilities of educating their children. 

   This presentation will examine the affects, both positive and negative, of home schooling on the children, the parents, and society at large. 



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