Traditional Catholic Wedding Reception



The reception has plenty of quaint charm attached to it. The newly-weds enter the venue and are welcomed by all with a shower of confetti. They cut the wedding cake and feed each other a bite of the first slice. The cake is distributed among the guests. The Toastmaster proposes a toast in honor of the newly-weds. The bride and groom get the evening going with their 'first dance'. This is usually a waltz. Mid-way through their dance, the bride's parents join in. The Best Man and Bridesmaid, and the groom's parents follow them. Soon the guests join the dancing and spend the rest of the evening in keeping time with the music. The couple mingles with the guests, dance some more and say their grace before beginning dinner. After the dinner is over, the couple leaves the reception. At this juncture the bride must throw her posy of flowers behind her. According to the belief, the girl who catches it is the next one to get married.