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Nobel Economists Lecture Series

Trinity University Department of Economics

The series, begun in 1984 by William Breit, brings to Trinity University in San Antonio some of the most brilliant and influential economists of the post-war era. Based on the general theme "My Evolution as an Economist," the lectures offer rare autobiographical insights into each Nobel laureate's contributions, the sources and nature of his ideas and discoveries, and his growth and success as an economist. The first twenty-three lectures appear in the fifth edition of the 2009 MIT Press volume, Lives of the Laureates, edited by professors William Breit and Barry Hirsch.  The lecturers are shown below.




Photo Gallery from recent visits

Joseph E. Stiglitz

Awarded Prize: 2001

Presented Lecture: September 2009


Eric S. Maskin 

Awarded Prize: 2007

Presented Lecture: April 2009

Edmund S. Phelps
Awarded Prize: 2006
Presented lecture: April 2008

Thomas C. Schelling
      Awarded Prize: 2005
Presented Lecture: April 2007
Edward C. Prescott
Awarded Nobel Prize:  2004
Presented Lecture: April 2006

Clive W.J. Granger
Awarded Prize:  2003
 Presented Lecture:  February 2005

Vernon L. Smith
Awarded Nobel Prize: 2002
Presented Lecture: April 2004

James J. Heckman
Awarded Nobel Prize: 2000
Presented Lecture: March 2003

Robert E. Lucas, Jr.
Awarded Nobel Prize: 1995
Presented Lecture: April 2001

Gary S. Becker
Awarded Nobel Prize: 1992
Presented Lecture: April 2000

Myron S. Scholes
Awarded Nobel Prize: 1997
Presented Lecture: April 1999

John C. Harsanyi
Awarded Nobel Prize: 1994
Presented Lecture: March 1997

Douglass C. North
Awarded Nobel Prize: 1993
Presented Lecture: October 1994

Ronald H. Coase
Awarded Nobel Prize: 1991
Presented Lecture: April 1994

William F. Sharpe
Awarded Nobel Prize: 1990
Presented Lecture: February 1992

Robert M. Solow
Awarded Nobel Prize: 1987
Presented Lecture: October 1988

James M. Buchanan
Awarded Nobel Prize: 1986
Presented Lecture: October 1987

Franco Modigliani
Awarded Nobel Prize: 1985
Presented Lecture: March 1987

James Tobin
Awarded Nobel Prize: 1981
Presented Lecture: April 1985

George J. Stigler
Awarded Nobel Prize: 1982
Presented Lecture: April 1985

Milton Friedman
Awarded Nobel Prize: 1976
Presented Lecture: March 1985

Paul Samuelson
Awarded Nobel Prize: 1970
Presented Lecture: February 1985

Kenneth J. Arrow
Awarded Nobel Prize: 1972
Presented Lecture: November 1984

Lawrence R. Klein
Awarded Nobel Prize: 1980
Presented Lecture: October 1984

W. Arthur Lewis
Awarded Nobel Prize: 1979
Presented Lecture: September 1984

Additional information on the laureates is provided at the official Nobel site