NEUR Off-Campus research guidelines

For off-campus research, students should follow these guidelines to ensure that they receive credit for the experience:

  1. It is the student’s responsibility to make contact with potential outside research mentors, and inquire about research opportunities in their laboratory. Students should communicate to their potential research mentors the expectations for a research experience, as outlined in the research contract (page 18).

  2. The Neuroscience major will have contracts available for research mentors outside of Trinity who agree to take on students for Neuroscience research. The contract will outline the following expectations: (A) that students are given a meaningful research project for which it is reasonable to expect results within one semester, (B) that students will work an average of 10 hours/week on the project during the semester (or 30 hours/week in the summer), and (C) that the research mentor will provide feedback to the student in preparing a written report and a presentation based on the research results. The contract will also specify a due date, by which time the written report will be submitted to their Faculty Advisor.

  3. The student must submit an application for approval—including an outline of the proposed research, the name of the research mentor and the location of the research, the signed contract from the research mentor, and a due date for the research report—to the faculty advisor, two weeks before registration for the semester in which he/she intends to register for research. Click here for the Neuroscience 4390 - Research Proposal Cover Sheet and Contract

  4. The student must hand in a written report to their Faculty Advisor by the end of the final exam period for that semester.  In addition, students should submit an electronic copy of the report.  The report must be written in the style and format of a journal research article (Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion). The report must be submitted first to the research mentor, and the version the student will hand in by the due date will be a revision that is responsive to comments made by the research mentor.

  5. In the same semester in which the student is registered for research credit (or the fall semester in the case of summer research), the student must present the research as part of the Neuroscience seminar series.  The presentation should be fifteen minutes, with time for questions. The research mentor is expected to work with the student in preparing the presentation.

The grade for the research experience will be determined by the faculty advisor based on the written report and presentation, as well as communication with the research mentor about the student’s performance.


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