Trinity University HHMI Grant Program Faculty and Staff

Program Director

Dr. David Ribble
Professor of Biology
B.A., Trinity University
M.S., Colorado State University
Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley

Phone number:  (210) 999-8363
E-mail at:

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Program Coordinator

Ms. Kimberly Cabe
B.S., Regis University - Colorado Springs

Phone number: (210) 999-7245
E-mail at:


Steering Committee

Dr. Mark Brodl
George W. Brackenridge Distinguished
Professor of Biology
B.A., Knox College
M.S., University of Illinois, Urbana
Ph.D., Washington University

Phone number: (210) 999-7246
E-mail at:


Dr. Jonathan King
Associate Professor of Biology
B.S., Stony Brook University
M.A., Queens College
Ph.D., The Graduate Center, The City University
of New York

Phone number: (210) 999-7232
E-mail at:

Dr. Nancy Mills
Professor of Chemistry
B.A., Grinnell College
Ph.D., University of Arizona

Phone number: (210) 999-7317
E-mail at:

Dr. Jennifer Steele
Assistant Professor of Physics and Astronomy
B.S., Rice University
Ph.D., Rice University

Phone number: (210) 999-7499
E-mail at:


Dr. Jim Shinkle
Associate Professor of Biology
B.A., Swarthmore College
Ph.D., Stanford University

Phone number: (210) 999-7244
E-mail at:



Dr. Jeff Nordine
Assistant Professor of Education
B.A., Trinty University
M.A.T., Trinity University
M.A., University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Ph.D., University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

Phone number:  (210) 999-7609
E-mail at:


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