Abstract Submission (talks & workshops)

To make this meeting a success, we are looking for participants to share their work and knowledge. There will be two formats for accomplishing this: oral presentations and workshops. The oral presentations will allow for 15-minute talks about the interdisciplinary science and mathematics projects and initiatives on your campus. If you would like to report out on your work, please fill out the abstract information below and check oral presentation.

We anticipate that workshops will develop from the ideas and energies of the participants. We are looking for workshop topics and workshop coordinators (we are especially interested in workshops that might be presented by coordinators from multiple institutions and/or departments). Given the“organic” nature of how we see the workshops developing, we may inquire as to whether you would be willing to team with someone who has put forth a similar workshop proposal or idea. We envision the workshops lasting from 30 to 60 minutes in length, depending on scope and scale. If you have a specific workshop in mind and are able to do so, please submit a full abstract (below). If you have a topic you would like to see discussed, please submit your idea and what you might hope to get from such a workshop.

Please submit your abstract for the conference in the form below.

The abstract submission deadline is Tuesday, September 11, 2012.



1a. Your name:

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Additional Presenter

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Please email TU-HHMI if you have more than 3 presenters.

2. Is it an Oral Presentation or a Workshop?

Oral Presentation

92a. If a workshop:

9 It is a workshop I am willing to run
9 It is a workshop idea (please suggest potential organizers below)

6Potential workshop organizer
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6Potential workshop organizer
6 I am willing to contact this person

6Potential workshop organizer
6 I am willing to contact this person

3a. Title of Presentation or Workshop (workshop idea):

3b. Presentation or Workshop Abstract (or workshop idea):
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4. A/V equipment requested:

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5. Other accomodations needed:


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