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Harmony, Diversity and Intercultural Communication


June 22-24, 2007

Harbin, China


China Association for Intercultural Communication

International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies

Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China


From the 'age of discovery' to this millennium, globalization have been underway and it has dramatically altered the relations and connections between peoples from different cultural background. The intensification of technological change across telecommunication and human interactions presents new political, cultural, and moral dilemmas and opportunities. Social change, cultural differences, identity, uncertainty, diversity and world order in the process of global communication demands fresh perspectives and new systems of explanation. In such rapidly changing world, communication plays a much more important role today than ever before: People from different cultural backgrounds are actively using the appropriation of communication resources to construct their cultural and social right, style, and identity. Communicative resources thus become an integral part of an individual's symbolic and social capital, which can be every bit as essential as real property resources were once considered to be. Therefore, to understand and develop intercultural knowledge and skills become most critical for a productive and successful life in the 21st century.

China Association and the International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies (CAFIC and IAICS) are now soliciting submissions for the International Conference on Intercultural Communication to be held on June 22-24, 2007 in Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China. Papers reflecting diverse theoretical perspectives in both quantitative and qualitative methodological approaches are encouraged. Suggested conference topics include:


Conference Co-Directors


Professor Yuxin Jia
Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, PR China

Professor Robert N. St. Clair
University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky USA


Professor Hu Wenzhong, President
China Association for Intercultural Communication
Beijing Foreign Studies University


Suggested Topics
Approaches to intercultural Communication study
Business communication across cultures
Communication accommodation
Communication and globalization
Communication education
Computer mediated communication
Conflict and negotiation
Crisis management
Cross-cultural adaptation
Cultural and linguistic diversity
Cultural identity and globalisation
Digital communication
Ethnicity and communication
Group/organizational communication across cultures
Harmony and Diversity
Health communication across cultures
Information technology and culture
Interpersonal/intercultural communication
Intercultural/global communication competence
Language and cultural Education
Language and media
Language and society
Language attitude
Language change and language stability
Language policy
Media and culture
Media literacy
Rhetoric studies
Risk communication across cultures
Theory of intercultural communication from different perspectives
Research methodology in intercultural communication studies
" Translation theory
Verbal/nonverbal communication across cultures


Guideline for Submissions

Categories: Abstract, panel proposal, and workshop proposal may be accepted:

Abstract: 150-200 words in English. Please check below for the format of the abstract.
Panel proposal: Panel proposals reflecting the conference theme may be submitted. All panel proposals should provide a 300-word rationale and 150-250 word abstract of each panelist's paper.
Workshop: Workshop proposals relevant to the conference theme may be submitted. Proposal is expected to be 3-5 pages in length, single-spaced.

Deadline: Please submit the abstract, the complete panel proposal, and the complete workshop proposal online as MS Word attachment by March 20, 2007. All submissions will be carefully reviewed. Full papers have to be submitted by May 20, 2007. IAICS will devote two issues of its journal, Intercultural Communication Studies, to including qualified papers from the conference.

Conference language: English and Chinese
Organizational website:p://'


International scholars please email your English submission to:

Chinese scholars please email your Chinese submission to:

Professor Yuxin Jia
Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, PR China

International scholars please email your English submission to:

Professor Robert N. St. Clair
University of Louisville, USA

 Technical Assistance and Conference Planning

Li Song, Harbin Institute of Technology
Chang-yuan Liu, Harbin Institute of Technology


Airport Information

Airport Code: HRB

Harbin Taiping International Airport

 Publishing in ICS

Many have asked about publishing in ICS. In order to do so, one must be a member of IAICS. The information on the dates for the submission of papers will be announced at the Harbin Conference and subsequently placed on the website.

VISA Forms:

When they request information on local contacts in the PR of China, include the following information: 

 Prof. Jia, Yuxin
School of Foreign Languages, Harbin Institute of Technology
No. 92 West Dazhi St., Harbin 15001
P.R. China

tel: 86 451 86416831 (available in the morning)

Conference Site


263 Youyi Road
Daoli District
Harbin 150018
Heilongjiang, China  

  Notice No. 1
1. Information form
We sent an information sheet to each participant recently and have received about 500 of them by May 10th. Please make sure that your completed form is returned to us before May 15th. We extended the deadline for fear that our previous message did not reach you. You can download the information sheet from this website. The information you supply will be essential the organization of activities during the conference.

2. Hotel reservation
Those who haven't made the hotel reservation, please fax the hotel Room Reservation Form (available online) to Mr. Wu Peixin (Fax number: 86-451-86417596), or email it to him (email: ). Email is the preferred system for hotel registration. If there are any problems with hotel reservation, contact Mr. Wu Peixin by email given above or by phone (86-451-86417596).

3. Paper format and submission deadline
Please refer to the APA style when editing your paper. The font for the title is 14 and 12 for the body. Times New Roman style is required for English papers and Song is required for Chinese papers.

The submission deadline is now extended to May 31. Please note that you can make your presentation without submitting the full paper; the papers submitted before the conference are for exchange between participants. Requirement for publication submission will be announced at the end of the conference.

4. Conference schedule and presentation arrangement
The conference schedule is still in progress. About 400 participants are invited. And there is a featured speaker in each session. The featured speaker will be allowed 15 minutes and the others about 10 minutes for presentation. 10 minutes will be given for questions and answers for each session.

5. Transportation
The on-site registration date is June 21. We will pick you up at the airport if you come on June 21. For participants arriving earlier, public transport is recommended. Airport shuttle bus (RMB20 for each person) is available by the hour and can take you to the city center in about 40 minutes.

Since the hotel is in the CBD of the city and quite close to the railway station, you can take a bus or a taxi to go to the hotel on your own if you come by train. This will take about 10 to 15 minutes. The taxi fare is about RMB10. Several buses go directly to the hotel area.

On June 21, we shall send people to both the airport and the railway station to meet you and guide you to your hotel. Detailed map of the route to the conference hotel will be available soon on the websites.

Further information will be sent to you or uploaded to the website soon.
The Organizing Committee, May 11th, 2007

There are over 700 participants for the conference. Therefore two separate hotels were selected for the participants. Not all individuals could be accommodated in the same location.




Culture of China

Cultural Events




263 Youyi Road
Daoli District
Harbin 150018
Heilongjiang, China

Please note that the forms have been updated.

 Hotel Registration Form (HTML)

Hotel Registration Form (PDF)

Conference Sponsors

International Association for
Intercultural Communication Studies

Harbin Institute of Technology

China Association for Intercultural Communication

Suggested Arrival: June 21 - Thursday

    June 22 - Friday
    June 23- Saturday
    June 24 - Sunday

Departure: June 25 - Monday

Conference Languages: Chinese and English

Registration form for the Conference

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