Raven's Mud Project Donation Records      
  date   donor   equipment   finalization receipt?  
November 3, 2007   Matt Stroud   Compaq w/ kybd & mouse   faulty board - deconstructed and recyled na
November 28, 2004   Jeanette Clarke   aptiva m71 w/ kybd, mouse, & monitor -- xerox work center, and hp 610   aptiva works -- monitor short, broken workcenter and hp??? yes 6-Dec-04
November 29, 2004   Tucker Gibson   1 mac, 1 compaq, and 1 folding compaq   used monitor and keyboard, recycled the rest na
December 2, 2004   Frank Kersnowski   cpu, monitor, & printer   working but too slow, recycled na
January 17, 2005   Lib/Gary Simmons   3 cpus, 4 monitors, 3 surge protectors, 2 kybds, 1 elec typewriter, 2 speaker sets, assorted cables   one cpu, typewriter, and montior when to Boysville -- the rest had to be recycled yes
February 25, 2005   Ruth Ann Mciver   Cpu, montor, keyboard, mouse (2nd computer)   installed linux and gave to Robert at boysville -- 2nd installed linux and waiting to go sometime
March 1, 2005   UUC in SA   two cpus and montiors   one cpu w/ montior to HNS (also with printer from Clarke) -- one still waiting na
May 17, 2005   Jan Oldfather   Gateway cpu/ flat panel monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers and printer   printer to HNS -- yes
June 12, 2005   Richard Persuer   Dell w/ monitor   add kybrd & mouse -- to HNS  6/22 no
  Alan Hildreth   windows 95 box   poor video card??? no
  UUC in SA   windows 98 w/ mon & kybrd   add kybrd & mouse -- to HNS  7/3 no
June 27, 2005   Cathy Tupa   Gateway cpu   did not work - recycled no
August 4, 2005   Tom Bulter   Dell cpu, speakers, kybrd, mouse, monitor, and Palm V   to Boysville (with Win Me) yes
August 8, 2005   Tucker Gibson   Dell Computer and monitor   installed linux and will give to BoyScout Troop no
August 20, 2005    Dr WiCoff     Dell CPU, speakers, kybrd, mouse, monitor, and software     installed Linus and gave to San Antonio Neighborhood Recyclers yes
August 21, 2005    John Chisom    Genric CPU, monitor & kybrd    cant boot to W98, but hard drive is too small for linux??? no
September 7. 2005   Gonzales Fin. Group   5 cpu, 4 mointors, and keyboard   took memory and recycled 4, 5th cleaned and sent to Boysville yes
September 15. 2005   Alice Kernsnowski   cup and monitor   added memory and accessories with linux no
September 28, 2005   Chip Hansen   3 cpus, 2 monitors, 3 kybds, 1 power base   yet to be determined no
September 29, 2005   Columbia   1 cpu, 4 workstations   recycled no
September 30, 2005   Jessie   laptop   recycled no
October 1, 2005   St Joseph's School   two towers   recycled no
October 5, 2005   Mike Cortez   1 cpu, 3 lazer printers, 1 fax, assorted cables   refurbished, installed linux and donated to San Antonio Neighborhood Project no
November 6, 2005   Matt Stroud   1 cpu, monitor, and kybrd   cleaned and sent to Boysville yes
December 4, 2005   Allan Johnston   Toshiba Laptop   cleaned and sent to Boysville yes
December 4, 2005   Alan Hildreth   IBM thinkpad   cleaned and sent to Boysville yes
December 18, 2005   Alan Hildreth   cpu -- wind xp   cleaned and sent to Boysville yes
December 19, 2005   Chip Hansen   Compaq w/ monitor/printer/speakers   no
February 5, 2006   John Brantley   dell cpu   memory, cleaned and sent to Boysville no
February 13, 2006   Barbo Helsinger   several old machines, and equipment, some phones, and a laptop   mostly recycled, but laptop cleaned and set to Boysville no
March 1, 2006   Leroy Sebesta   cpu, keyboard, 2 monitors, & printer   cleaned and sent to Boysville yes
March 10, 2006   Julie Brown   atari, and apple computer with printer and monitor   recycled no
March 17, 2006   David Middleton   inkjet printer   to Boysville no
April 1, 2006   C W Spinks   Gateway 2000, speakers   to needy boy no
April 11, 2006   Mooreworks   Dell Computers   Hospice Patient with speaekers, monitor, Keyboard, and mouse no
April 14, 2006   Michael Bach   cpu   cleaned and sent to Boysville no
April 14, 2006   Terrie Bach   cpu   recycled no
April 14, 2006   Joey Wells   cpu   recycled no
April 14, 2006   John Faxon   cpu, kybrd, montior, & mouse   cleaned and sent to Boysville no
April 17, 2006   Charles   2 cpu,monitor, and keyboard   took parts and recycled ?