Raven's Mud Project
At Moore Works


The Ravenís Mud Project, based on the myth that Raven brought up mud for the Creator to shape into an earth fit for human beings, has several purposes aimed at improving the earth and extending the kinship of humanity. First, it seeks to reduce the amount of computer materials that end up in land fills and to contribute as much as possible to a self-sustaining economy. Second, it seeks to broaden the communityís computing capacity, enabling as broad a range of access and uses as possible. Third; it seeks to make available and useable non-proprietary software that will enable users to be as independent in their computing as is possible.  Fourth, it wishes to recycle and refurbish old computing equipment for charitable groups to use at their discretion and to enable their community goals.  Fifth, the project chooses to do this by accepting donated computing equipment, which is then diagnosed, cleared of data, and refurbished.  If possible, some version of Linux will be installed on the equipment and it will be donated to appropriate and local charities that have use for them.  Equipment which is not useable will be dismantled and processed to local recyclers.

 Thank you for helping to preserve the resources of the planet and helping your fellow human beings to have better access to the information age.

If you have recyclable equipment, please contact

C. W. Spinks, Senior Mud-Dauber
Ravenís Mud Project
      Moore Works
      PO Box 29612
      San Antonio, Texas 78229

Email: Ravensmud at satx.rr.com
Phone: (210) 681-9153

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